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The function is activated twice

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The function is activated twice, that is, when I go in my vehicle with a person sitting as a companion, when you get to the marker, you activate all the functions when you step on it, even though you do not see the marker or everything the function includes, Does anyone know how to solve it?


--Client Side - Example

addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", guiRoot,    
				addEventHandler( "onClientMarkerHit", Marker, First )				
				Bla bla bla

function First ()
	if timer then killTimer(timer) timer = nil end 

	 veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle( localPlayer )
			if veh then
   setElementFrozen ( veh, true )
	Outputchatbox ("Example")  --This is printed twice when there is a passenger in the vehicle

	setTimer (PreFuncParada, 1500, 1, pia)

end end 


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Thank you for your collaboration! I was able to solve it with: @Simple.

if source == localPlayer then 


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