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Good evening friends, I hope you are well.
I have a problem that happened to me with a friend a few days ago that is the following:
It turns out that I met MTA just two weeks ago, and I started to tell my friends to play with each other on a server called SAES RPG, all normal until one of them, when trying to enter the server, told him that his serial is banned, which is super weird because as we already commented we just started playing.
Well the thing is that we tried to appeal to the ban on the page of the same server but we were denied because the admin is an idiot and thinks that it was us that caused the ban.
And I do not know what to do, the only thing that I lacked aside from begging the admin was to get on my knees, praise him and, well, you know ...
So I do not know if there is any way to change the serial or something like that, because we want to play together but thanks to this problem we can not.

Thank you in advance for your attention and I hope you can help me.

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What is the serial?

1) Start MTA
2) Press F8
3) Enter command: serial

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There was a problem with that serial. It should be fixed shortly.

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