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Hello MTA staff from past months I was facing ddos attacks from one of my client server GTAV FREEROAM  I was totally not able to figure out the attacker IPS to ban him ! Due to ddos attacks my vps bandwidth usage increase in short period ,in server face network trouble ,restart of vps automatic !

So after watching on YouTube I got a video were users shows how to ddos I see that guy ddos by using spam chats  were whole server cause network trouble ,lags ,timeout problems the same repeated in my client server 

This is the video I seen  

Attacker details

⎝⧹ nick montassar - IP: serial:648D81DFAA7496D5DB46C25324D0B7F2 version:1.5.6-9.14334.0

montassar  -  IP:  serial:648D81DFAA7496D5DB46C25324D0B7F2  version:1.5.6-9.14334.0


This guy usually spam 30 times with word &&&&&&&&& every 6 chats the users usually who join in server  get network trouble and net also got diagnosed below are proofs I shut down my vps for 30 min so that attacks will leave my server I reopen server and when I check on console I got all proofs of attacker ! Pls ban him globally 




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