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Louled a3mlt formatage lel PC w sabit GTA w mta d5alt l server jetny hedhy

you were kicked from the game ( SD #16021A) 

This Server has detected missing anti-cheat (SD #16021A) 

3awnounyy belhyy


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no idea sa7bi

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Chof wiki

Code for <enablesd> Displayed on detect Required server version Required <minclientversion> Notes
16 SD #16 1.3.1-9.05097 1.3.1-9.05097 Disallow disabled anti-cheat components. This is triggered when an anti-cheat component can not start. It is usually due to some problem with the PC and might be fixed by a reboot. Can also be triggered by a virus.
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KaYéN App rah FiH Cheats kima (Cheat Engine) YmChyy 3NdéQ, TfiH W Ila M3NdéKch ReDéMaRyy L PC

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