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Hi. I was thinking to create map from 0 using 3ds max. But I can't find much information about creating maps in 3ds max. Most of the info is on creating models, interiors and some small map on top of original map.  But I want to start from empty map. Is there any place I can find more info about global mapping?

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Searching for same information, i have some questions:
1. What unit setup should i use in 3ds max ?
2. What is the maximum size of SA map in 3ds max units ?
3. What is the metric size of a character ? As i understand, interiors are two character heights up.
4. Does vehicles and world map use one measure units ?
5. Will the map be editable in MTA map editor after it's finished ?
6. What is the acceptable size of a map chunk (and are lowres lods necessary) ? 

Waiting for your answers, need help. Thank You. :)

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