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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!


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Great milestone for MTA (fun fact: if I'm not wrong, implementing custom animations required more than 3,000 lines of code! Huge props to you, Saml1er, for making this a reality). Good job to all the contributors! 🎉🎉

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Finally! Great job to all involved with making this amazing release. But one person specifically stands out for his huge effort into bringing a feature that has been wanted for so many years (including by myself). Huge props to you @Saml1er and of-course the MTA community as a whole. Keep up the good work!

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Great job, you did an outstanding amount of work here. A-lot of thanks to all of the contributers that really worked hard for this along with the MTA team. And on big GREAT JOB to @Small1er for the new stuff!

Keep it up boys.

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Huge thanks from my side aswell, i will update SAAW today. 

This Version is one of the biggest milestones ever, there are so many improvements that there is almost nothing that cannot be done anymore. One thing that MTA still needs is the infinite streaming from MTA:Eir, it works perfectly fine in the test version and i would try to make a Pull request by myself if i had C++ knowlege... 

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