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[MOD]GTARumble - v0.1c - San Andreas


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Still doesn't work, but what scripts are you talking about deleting? I deleted all my scm's and scripts that I renamed for diffrent uses..

Well, I had some ISO image called blabla script in the /data/scripts folder. Try not to rename but remove all scripts except for Jax's main.scm.

Ofcourse I wouldnt really remove them, just move them to another folder to backup later.

The sound thing is caused by the dx hook i believe, pausing then unpausing will fix it.

Oh and the max players has been fixed for 0.1c :P

I'l prob make a few mistakes, still getting the hang of it all :lol:

Pausing and unpausing the game didn't fix it for me. I tried alt-tabbing and going back into the game, but that didn't seem to fix it either. About 2 hours later the sound magically comes back for about 20 minutes... then stops working. Any other ideas?

I have the same problem. I do /kill and then the sound is fixed :P

Any idea when the nametags will be in Jax?

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Just made a video of it showing its basic features so far and some of the fun you can have with it already. Its hosted on a naff site but was the only thing I could find that would hold it. (Cheers Bro


http://rapidshare.de/files/8634686/gta_ ... o.zip.html

Click FREE and then scroll to the bottom.

Let me know what ya think :)

Nice vid. The music is a bit crap tho :P

Choose other music ( a bit more action music ) next time.


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Make people/cars look smooth and aim correctly :roll:

What part of "i dont do demands" did you not understand?

Yeh, is it so hard to read?

You obviously dont know how hard it is and what it takes to make a multiplayer mod.

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