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[MOD]GTARumble - v0.1c - San Andreas


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Haha, i found the addy on gtaforums so i thought i'd mess with it :P

It doesnt stay green though, it changes colour :wink:

I'm sure people are getting annoyed with the assertion error on the server by now, i'm trying to sort it with a few other things :D

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Thx, i wanna fix most if not all of the crashes and bugs first, especially the server assert, then add as much stuff as i can to make it more enjoyable i guess 8)

Its alot of fun working on it, having so much control over the game.

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Freakin awesome. Nice job jax. 8)

Just downloaded it, hopping on that server now... :shock:

EDIT: K... went on, worked fine, loaded fine, good gameplay, great car spawns, but NOBODYS there. I told VRocker and KFC Soion about it, and gave them links to the download... they'll be playing soon.

Everyone join us at port and ip - - 2020

Woo Hoo 8)

EDIT 2: Servers down... someone else know a working server for Rumble:?:

Soi and I were on for like 5 minutes, he killed me, I killed him. It's pretty damn good. 8)

Again, Terrific work Jax :)

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Kay ive gotten this working and as i know the only server is


PORT: 2020

There isnt enough people playing yet for this to really really fun. It is sick. Everyone join this server.

As far as i know, its the only working one.

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Hey Jax... check this out dude...


Vrocker said

oooo hang on. its an error in the program. cuz jack0/[progs/c++ must be where the source code is stored on jax's computer

its a C++ erropr, needs to be recompiled but u cant do that cuz u dont have the source

just see what they say. i still reckon it could be cuz of win2k. prob aint got certain things in the c++ library

Could ya help me out dood? :wink: thanks :D

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