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Would Cops & Robbers be a thrilling game mode?  

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  1. 1. Would Cops & Robbers be a thrilling game mode?

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:arrow: The best way to describe this would be cops and robers, one side is the cops(uniform and police vehicles), the other robbers(dressed as the mafia or whatever) and a very small team driving the bank truck(securicar). The object would be for the robbers to take hold of the truck while the cops and the small bank truck team, try to get to a special spot. The robbers do the same too but they have to steal it from the bank dudes and go to their hideout or a special spot in the city.

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Cops and Robbers missions are already scheduled for implementing into MTA. One of them using the 'speed' mission, and in another one you get to rob a bank. The idea is to have a variaty of 'missions' for the robbers to do, and the cops will get informed about what mission the robbers take on, and try to stop them from achieving their goal. Various missions could be implemented, so suggestions are as always very welcome. The 'gone in 60 seconds' idea has been mentioned a lot, and would fit perfectly into this scheme.

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Cool, sounds good so far, thanks for telling. Ideas for now? Hm giving the robbers good weapons or so and give the cops more possibilities (calling FBI or even allow 1/8 of cop side to be FBI or so). Anyways, so far it sounds really great! :D

Oh yeah the planned feature to get several players into one car would especially rock for this game mode. Imagine driving a cop car with your buddies in the back seats! :D God, I would just love patroling the area with my cool cop car. ;)

Oh, and how about to give the admin some more cop abilities? It would be sure a funny feature to enable the admin to raise the wanted level for a player manually (a nice way to say he should stop his wrong behavior before kicking). ;) Not for this game mode (wouldn't make much sense), I mean in general so that a not behaving player gets real busy by AI police and can't continue his behavior.

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Bang! sorry, petebog. Maybe we can put the AI police back in at some point, but for now its too much work, because we can't let the hardcoded script handle the police routines. (cars would appear only locally) We'd have to write a new police script with existing (synched) cars and actors, so we might as well make them player controlled, right?

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Oh so there is no AI police in MTA? I didn't know, I somehow thought it was the same as GTA just with multiplayer. So the AI police is completely left out for now, right?

Okay, then how about this: instead of letting the admin increas wanted level for players (senseless without AI police), he (or some chosen server moderators) should be able to get themselves an FBI car and drive to where the player is and arrest/bust him or so and then he gotta start all over with a penalty of x amount of min before he can continue playing. Maybe another nice way instead of directly kicking by admin??

In any way it could increase the game atmopshere somehow (admin takin part in the "world" as FBI or so)...?

But before that is done (requires lots of programming I guess) the cops vs robbers game mode should get a higher priority than what I just suggested.

Petebog's idae sounded good too - I guess we gotta come up with those ideas again when/if AI police is included. :D

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