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[HELP]Hide PLayer Name!


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5 hours ago, Legend<3 said:

already discovered that but did not find wich function drawing the names ! :/

if you use default scoreboard, look for this (dxscoreboard_client.lua)

local playerName = getPlayerName( player )

and replace it with this

if getElementData(player,"player:HiddenInScoreBoard") then
	playerName = "*hidden*"
	local playerName = getPlayerName( player )

Now you can add players by serial server-side (paste a code below in dxscoreboard_shared.lua)

local hiddenSerials = {
["blablayour1000serial"] = true,
["anotherserial"] = true,

	local serial = getPlayerSerial(source)
	if hiddenSerials[serial] then


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