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[PROBLEM] Cant export function


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Hello, I am trying to export a function called "getRandomLoot", which is in a resource name NTTC_Tables, I am trying to export this function to be able to use it on another resource, the function:

function getRandomLoot(location)
	local number = table.random(locations_for_items_and_spawns)
	--outputServerLog( number[1]..","..number[2]..","..number[3] )
	local x,y,z = number[1], number[2], number[3]
	local position = getZoneName ( x, y, z, true )
	table = []
	table['x'] = x
	table['y'] = y
	table['z'] = z
	return table
	<script src="async.lua" type="shared" />
	<script src="client.lua" type="client" cache="false"/>
	<script src="locations.lua" type="server"/>
	<script src="server.lua" type="server"/>
  	<export function="getRandomLoot" type="server" />
  	<export function="spawntables" type="server" />

This function returns what I want it to when I call it on the same file,  but when I try to call this function from another resource:

local checkres = exports["NTTC_Tables"]:getRandomLoot("Los Santos") --doesnt work


ERROR: [NTTC]/NTTC_Account_Management/server.lua:78: attempt to call
a nil value
[09:06:41] ERROR: [NTTC]/NTTC_Account_Management/server.lua:75: call: failed to
call 'NTTC_Tables:getRandomLoot' [string "?"]

Line 79 is a timer: 

function test()
  local checkres = exports["NTTC_Tables"]:getRandomLoot("Los Santos") --<<<<< line 75
  --outputServerLog("X = "..checkres['x']..", Y = "..checkres['y']..", Z ="..checkres['z'])
setTimer( test, 500, 5) --<<<< line 78


I have no idea what is wrong, im running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS


Thanks in advance :)


EDIT: Found out that the problem is on my function "getRandomLoot" for some reason, it works in the resource no problem but when trying to call it, it shows the error message listed above, im trying to fix it on my own, will edit if I manage to fix it and will post the fix

EDIT2: Tried removing the _ from the resource name, didnt fix

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added more info #2
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2 minutes ago, Pirulax said:

Is the script you're trying to call the export from on server-side?
Is the script where 'getRandomLoot' is on server-side?

Yes, yes, just figured out that it seems I cant send a table through an export, I tried this:


    outputServerLog("X = "..exports["NTTC_Tables"]:getRandomLoot("Los Santos"))

and on my function

function getRandomLoot(location)
	local number = table.random(locations_for_items_and_spawns)
	--outputServerLog( number[1]..","..number[2]..","..number[3] )
	 return "x,y,z"



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Just now, Pirulax said:

You should be able to send thru a table without a problem.

I tried to, wasnt able, was just able to send a string, the table I was trying to send was for example:

table = []
table['x'] = x
table['y'] = y
table['z'] = z
return table['x'],table['y'],table['z']


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18 minutes ago, Pirulax said:

The table constructor is '{}' not '[]".
But, back on topic, I'm sure you can pass a table thru without a problem.
If for some reason you really can't, then use toJSON and fromJSON.

Thanks, made it work :)

    local spawn = exports["NTTC_Tables"]:getRandomLoot("Los Santos")

    local spawn = exports["NTTC_Tables"]:getRandomLoot("Los Santos")
LV = {}
LS = {}
SF = {}
Other = {}

function displayLoadedRes ( res )
	i = 1
	for k,v in pairs(spawntables()) do
		local zone = getZoneName( v[1],v[2],v[3], true )
		if (zone == "Los Santos") then
			LS[i] = tostring(v[1]..","..v[2]..","..v[3])
			i = i+1
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(getThisResource(  )), displayLoadedRes )

function getRandomLoot(location)
	--local x,y,z = number[1], number[2], number[3]
	if (location == "Los Santos") then
		table = spawntables()[math.random ( #LS )]
		return table
		return "other"
	--return LS

Maybe its useful to someone.

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