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[ BL ] Business Life | Roleplay | Looking For Developers[PAID]

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BusinessLife Roleplay English Server 

Hello, We are looking for 3 Experienced Scripters / Developers to make a new server which is about Business Life, 

The server is based on NYC, Where people can be Businessmen and Businesswomen, 


The Server will be made in top of OWL like Platform at first, then will be integrated to a new platform. the reason why we use OWL platform is to cut time and until we start getting some Money. to afford making a new system.


Things to expect

Making A unique stock market script.

VIP System.

Land System ( will be like the sims ( buying a land and build your house on it ) )

Forums and a synced site with the server.

New Jobs

Bank system ( with loans )


-- The Current Platform will have unique exports and scripts that will have to be edited.






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3 hours ago, Mr.Solo said:

EDIT, We decided to make everything from scratch. we are not going to use anything From OWL or any other Leaked Source.


Wow that's so cute that you don't wanna use leaked sources.. lmfao

I can make the entire gamemode in no time, but are you paying well enough?

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Looking For Lead Developer

with experience in leading and management, and ofcourse a history in Development in MTA. at least 5years experience. recommended that he/she has worked in big servers, ofcourse the Developer will be paid for his work and get a share of donations when the server is released For a FULL YEAR , Share and payment depends on the effort and seriousness and will get rewarded for the great work as bonuses.





paypal, bitcoin, exmo, advcash, perfect money..etc


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