[HELP] Problem with loading JSON

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So hello few days ago language script started not loading languages JSON linter says it's fine but people said that it can't be loaded in Lua.

I tried iprint and it says empty brackets

or BAD JSON as shown somewhere in code

If anyone could help It would make my day xD



Locales = {}
local DEBUG = false

local locales = {}
local fallbackLocale = ""
Locales.languages = {

Locales.byCode = {
	en = "english",
	ru = "russian",


function Locales.load(lang, fallback)
	local file = File("languages/" .. tostring(lang) .. ".json")
	if not file then
		outputDebugString("Failed to load locale '" .. tostring(lang) .. "': failed to open language file")
		return false
	local jsonData = file:read(file.size)
	if not jsonData then
		outputDebugString("Failed to load locale '" .. tostring(lang) .. "': failed to read JSON")
		return false
	locales[lang] = fromJSON(jsonData)
	if not locales[lang] then
		outputDebugString("Failed to load locale '" .. tostring(lang) .. "': bad JSON")
		return false
	outputDebugString("Loaded locale '" .. tostring(lang) .. "'")
	if fallback then
		fallbackLocale = lang
	return true

function Locales.isValid(lang)
	for _, _lang in ipairs(Locales.languages) do
		if lang == _lang then
			return true
	return false

function Locales.getLang(lang)
	if not locales[lang] then
		return false
	return locales[lang]

function Locales.unload(lang)
	if not lang or not locales[lang] or fallbackLocale == lang then
		return false
	locales[lang] = nil
	return true

function Locales.getString(lang, name)
	if not locales[lang] then
		if DEBUG then
			return name
		return false

	local localizedString = locales[lang][name]
	if not localizedString then
		if DEBUG then
			localizedString = name
			return false
	return localizedString



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it's valid but here


	"message_box_close": "Close",
	"controls_arrows": "Arrows",
	"controls_mouse": "Mouse",
	"controls_space": "Space",
	"controls_mouse_wheel": "Mouse wheel",
	"price_free": "Free",
	"price_premium": "Premium",
	"skin_select_text": "Select your character",
	"player_level": "Level",
	"player_money": "Money",

	"groups_player": "Player",
	"groups_moderator": "Moderator",
	"groups_admin": "Admin",

	"race_type_drift": "Drift",
	"race_type_drag": "Drag",
	"race_type_sprint": "Sprint",
	"race_type_circle": "Lap race",

	"quit_reason_unknown": "unknown reason",
	"quit_reason_quit": "disconnect",
	"quit_reason_kicked": "kicked",
	"quit_reason_banned": "banned",
	"quit_reason_bad connection": "bad connection",
	"quit_reason_timed out": "timed out",
	"intro_credits_1": "Drift Allstars",
	"intro_credits_2": ":O The Clearance",
	"intro_credits_3": "and Russian Racing Club",
	"intro_credits_4": "present",
	"intro_press_to_start": "Press SPACE to start",

	"tutorial_garage_title": "Welcome to Drive Crew!",
	"tutorial_garage_text": "Drive Crew is a freeroam server. It means that you can take any car for free and drive around. This is your garage where you can access all your cars. You can take new cars from the carshop.",

	"help_panel_general_title": "General",
	"help_panel_general_text": "Keys:\nF1 - main panel, teleports, settings\nF2 - cursor\n1 - toggle lights\nB - handling editor\nO - photo mode\nI toggle UI",

	"help_panel_garage_title": "Garage",
	"help_panel_garage_text": "You can use garage to access all your cars. You can also use it to remove your car and to customize it.",

	"help_panel_premium_title": "Premium",
	"help_panel_premium_text": "Only available in Russia",

	"photo_mode_help_shoot": "Take a screenshot",
	"photo_mode_help_roll": "Roll left/right",
	"photo_mode_help_move": "Move",
	"photo_mode_help_speed": "Move slower/faster",
	"photo_mode_help_look": "Look",
	"photo_mode_help_zoom": "Zoom in/out",
	"photo_mode_help_updown": "Move up/down",
	"photo_mode_help_smooth": "Toggle smooth movement",
	"photo_mode_help_time": "Change time",
	"photo_mode_help_weather": "Change weather",
	"photo_mode_help_tips": "Toggle UI and help",
	"photo_mode_help_exit": "Exit from photo mode",
	"photo_mode_param_time": "Time",
	"photo_mode_param_weather": "Weather",
	"photo_mode_param_weather_unknown": "Unknown",

	"login_panel_username_label": "Username",
	"login_panel_password_label": "Password",
	"login_panel_password_confirm_label": "Confirm password",
	"login_panel_beta_key_label": "Beta test access key",
	"login_panel_start_game_button": "Start game",
	"login_panel_register_button_toggle": "Register",
	"login_panel_register_button": "Register",
	"login_panel_language": "Select language",
	"login_panel_color": "Color",
	"login_panel_back": "Back",
	"login_panel_server_not_available": "The server is currently not available",
	"login_panel_server_error": "Server error",

	"world_map_help_text": "%s - move camera, %s - zoom in/out, %s - exit",
	"blip_garage": "Garage",
	"blip_strip_club": "Strip club",
	"blip_carshop": "Car shop",

	"tab_panel_column_id": "ID",
	"tab_panel_column_nickname": "Nickname",
	"tab_panel_column_ping": "Ping",
	"tab_panel_column_level": "Level",
	"tab_panel_players_online": "Players online",
	"tab_panel_group_moderators": "Moderators",
	"tab_panel_group_premium": "Premium",
	"tab_panel_group_players": "Players",

	"login_panel_auth_error": "Authorization error",
	"login_panel_register_error": "Registration error",

	"login_panel_err_enter_username": "Enter your username",
	"login_panel_err_enter_password": "Enter your password",
	"login_panel_err_login_unknown": "Failed to login",
	"login_panel_err_register_unknown": "Failed to register",
	"login_panel_err_bad_password": "Wrong password",
	"login_panel_err_user_not_found": "User not found",
	"login_panel_err_account_in_use": "This account is already in use",
	"login_panel_err_username_taken": "This username is already taken",
	"login_panel_register_success": "Registration successfull!",

	"login_panel_err_username_too_short": "Username is too short",
	"login_panel_err_username_too_long": "Username is too long",
	"login_panel_err_password_too_short": "Password is too short",
	"login_panel_err_password_too_long": "Password is too long",
	"login_panel_err_username_invalid": "Username contains illegal characters",
	"login_panel_err_enter_password_confirm": "Enter password confirmation",
	"login_panel_err_passwords_do_not_match": "Your passwords do not match!",
	"login_panel_err_beta_key_invalid": "Your beta key is invalid",
	"login_panel_err_account_banned": "This account is banned",

	"chat_message_login_success": "You have successfully logged in",
	"chat_message_player_join": "Player %s has joined the server",
	"chat_message_player_quit": "Player %s has left the server (%s)",
	"chat_message_dont_flood": "Don't flood!",
	"chat_message_muted": "You are temporary muted by administrator",
	"chat_adminsay_admin": "Admin",
	"chat_adminsay_moderator": "Moderator",
	"chat_premiumsay": "Premium",
	"chat_admin_mute": "Player %s has been muted by %s for %s seconds",
	"chat_admin_unmute": "Players %s has been unmuted by %s.",
	"chat_admin_ban": "Player %s has been banned %s",

	"garage_no_vehicle_error": "You must be in a car to enter garage",
	"garage_not_driver": "You must be driving this car to enter garage",
	"garage_has_occupants": "You must be the only car occupant to enter garage",
	"garage_not_owner": "You must car owner to enter garage",
	"garage_not_logged_in": "You must be logged in to enter garage",
	"garage_enter_failed": "Failed to enter garage",
	"garage_enter_failed_no_cars": "Failed to enter garage. You have no cars. Get car in /carshop",

	"garage_slot_empty": "Empty slot",
	"garage_slot_need_level": "Need level",

	"garage_menu_go_city": "Take car",
	"garage_menu_customize": "Tuning",
	"garage_menu_settings": "Settings",
	"garage_menu_sell": "Sell car",
	"garage_menu_remove": "Remove car",
	"garage_menu_exit": "Exit garage",

	"garage_menu_customize_components": "Components",
	"garage_menu_customize_paint": "Paint",
	"garage_menu_customize_stickers": "Vinyls",
	"garage_menu_customize_config": "Configuration",

	"garage_menu_settings_bumper": "Remove rear bumper",
	"garage_menu_back": "Back",

	"garage_sell_text": "Remove this car?",
	"garage_sell_confirm": "confirm",
	"garage_sell_last_car": "You can't remove your last car!",
	"garage_slot": "Car slot",
	"garage_slot_of": "of",

	"garage_tuning_component_front_bump": "Front bumper",
	"garage_tuning_component_rear_bump": "Rear bumper",
	"garage_tuning_component_side_skirts": "Side skirts",
	"garage_tuning_component_wheels_front": "Front wheels",
	"garage_tuning_component_wheels_rear": "Rear wheels",
	"garage_tuning_component_wheels": "Wheels",
	"garage_tuning_component_spoilers": "Spoiler",
	"garage_tuning_component_rear_fends": "Rear Fenders",
	"garage_tuning_component_front_fends": "Front Fenders",
	"garage_tuning_component_bonnet": "Bonnet",
	"garage_tuning_component_rear_lights": "Rear lights",
	"garage_tuning_component_front_lights": "Fronts lights",
	"garage_tuning_component_exhaust": "Exhaust",
	"garage_tuning_component_numberplate": "Number plate",

	"garage_tuning_paint_body": "Body color",
	"garage_tuning_smoke_color": "Smoke color",
	"garage_tuning_paint_wheels_front": "Front rims color",
	"garage_tuning_paint_wheels_rear": "Rear rims color",
	"garage_tuning_paint_wheels": "Rims color",
	"garage_tuning_paint_spoiler": "Spoiler color",

	"garage_tuning_paint_hue": "Hue",
	"garage_tuning_paint_saturation": "Saturation",
	"garage_tuning_paint_brightness": "Brightness",

	"garage_tuning_item_bumper": "Bumper",
	"garage_tuning_item_spoiler": "Spoiler",
	"garage_tuning_item_wheel": "Wheels",
	"garage_tuning_item_skirt": "Skirts",
	"garage_tuning_item_fender": "Fenders",
	"garage_tuning_item_bonnet": "Bonnet",
	"garage_tuning_item_exhaust": "Exhaust",
	"garage_tuning_item_lights": "Lights",

	"garage_tuning_side_top": "Top side",
	"garage_tuning_side_right": "Right side",
	"garage_tuning_side_left": "Left side",
	"garage_tuning_side_front": "Front side",
	"garage_tuning_side_back": "Rear side",

	"garage_tuning_stickers_figures": "Figures",
	"garage_tuning_stickers_letters": "Letters",
	"garage_tuning_stickers_flags": "Flags",
	"garage_tuning_stickers_numbers": "Numbers",
	"garage_tuning_stickers_brands": "Brands",
	"garage_tuning_stickers_other": "Other",

	"garage_tuning_config_front_wheels": "Front wheels",
	"garage_tuning_config_rear_wheels": "Rear wheels",
	"garage_tuning_config_suspension": "Suspension",
	"garage_tuning_config_upgrades": "Upgrades",
	"garage_tuning_config_wheels_size": "Wheels radius",

	"garage_tuning_config_suspension_label": "Suspension height",
	"garage_tuning_config_wheels_size_label": "Wheels radius",

	"garage_tuning_config_wheels_offset": "Offset",
	"garage_tuning_config_wheels_angle": "Angle",
	"garage_tuning_config_wheels_width": "Width",

	"garage_tuning_config_street_upgrade": "\"Street\" configuration",
	"garage_tuning_config_street_description": "Faster speed and acceleration, improved controls",
	"garage_tuning_config_drift_upgrade": "\"Drift\" configuration",
	"garage_tuning_config_drift_description": "Special Drift Mode that can be enabled or disabled at any time",

	"garage_tuning_buy_button": "Buy",
	"garage_tuning_stock_text": "Default",
	"garage_tuning_install_button": "Apply",

	"garage_help_text": "%s - change, %s - select, %s - back, %s - free look",
	"garage_help_sticker_selection": "%s - change, %s - buy, %s - cancel",
	"garage_help_sticker_editor": "%s - control, %s, %s, %s, %s - change mode, %s/%s - add/remove sticker, %s - back",
	"garage_help_numberplate": "Enter text, %s - delete text, %s - save, %s - cancel",

	"garage_sticker_editor_move": "Move",
	"garage_sticker_editor_rotate": "Rotate",
	"garage_sticker_editor_scale": "Scale",
	"garage_sticker_editor_color": "Change color",

	"garage_sticker_editor_help_add": "Add sticker",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_remove": "Remove sticker",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_clone": "Clone selected sticker",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_copy_style": "Apply previous sticker style",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_change_mode": "Change edit mode",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_speed": "Move slower/faster",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_scale": "Scale by one axis",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_transform": "Move, scale and rotate",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_mirroring": "Toggle mirroring",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_next_prev": "Select next/previous sticker",
	"garage_sticker_editor_help_toggle": "Toggle help",

	"garage_tuning_sticker_color": "Sticker color",
	"garage_tuning_sticker_prev": "%s - previous",
	"garage_tuning_sticker_next": "%s - next",
	"garage_tuning_sticker_mirror": "%s - mirroring",
	"garage_tuning_sticker_mirror_text": "%s - text mirroring",

	"main_panel_tab_account": "Account",
	"main_panel_tab_teleport": "Teleports",
	"main_panel_tab_settings": "Settings",
	"main_panel_tab_garage": "Garage",
	"main_panel_tab_races": "Races",

	"main_panel_teleport_players": "Players",

	"main_panel_account_donat": "Donate",
	"main_panel_account_help": "Help",
	"main_panel_account_money": "Money",
	"main_panel_account_admin": "Admin",
	"main_panel_account_player": "Player",
	"main_panel_account_level": "Level progress",
	"main_panel_account_regtime": "Registration date",
	"main_panel_account_playtime": "Hours in-game",
	"main_panel_account_cars_count": "Cars in garage",
	"main_panel_account_premium": "Premium expires",

	"main_panel_settings_section_game": "Game settings",
	"main_panel_settings_section_chat": "Chat settings",
	"main_panel_settings_section_graphics": "Graphics settings",
	"main_panel_settings_language": "Language",
	"main_panel_settings_color": "UI color",
	"main_panel_settings_joinquit_messages": "join/quit messages",
	"main_panel_settings_chat_timestamp": "sending time",
	"main_panel_settings_reflections_cars": "cars reflections",
	"main_panel_settings_reflections_water": "water reflections",
	"main_panel_settings_improved_car_lights": "improved car lights",
	"main_panel_settings_improved_sky": "improved sky",
	"main_panel_settings_screen_blur": "screen blur",
	"main_panel_settings_tyres_smoke": "tyres smoke",
	"main_panel_settings_snow": "snow",
	"main_panel_settings_smooth_steering": "smooth steering",
	"main_panel_settings_background_music": "background music",
	"main_panel_setting_change_password": "Change password",

	"main_panel_password_change_title": "Change account password",
	"main_panel_new_password_label": "New password",
	"main_panel_new_password_placeholder": "Enter new password",
	"main_panel_new_password_repeat_label": "Repeat new password",
	"main_panel_new_password_repeat_placeholder": "Enter new password again",
	"main_panel_new_password_accept": "Accept",
	"main_panel_new_password_cancel": "Back",
	"main_panel_password_change_message": "Password change",
	"main_panel_password_change_error": "Failed to change your password",
	"main_panel_password_change_success": "You have successfully changed your account password",

	"markers_garage_text": "Press %q to enter garage",
	"markers_city_text": "Press %q to teleport back to the city",
	"markers_showroom_text": "Press %q to open car shop",
	"markers_house_enter_text": "Press %q to enter house",
	"markers_house_exit_text": "Press %q to exit",
	"markers_house_knock_text": "Press %q to knock the door",
	"markers_house_buy_text": "Press %q to open house buy menu",
	"markers_strip_enter_text": "Press %q to enter strip club",
	"markers_race_enter_text": "Press %q to enter race lobby",
	"markers_tofu_text": "Press %q to start tofu mission",

	"houses_info_price": "Price",
	"houses_info_rooms_count": "Rooms count",
	"houses_info_tv": "TV",
	"houses_info_radio": "Radio",
	"houses_info_console": "Gaming console",
	"houses_info_yes": "Yes",
	"houses_info_no": "No",

	"houses_menu_sell": "Sell house",
	"houses_menu_open_door": "Unlock door",
	"houses_menu_close_door": "Lock door",
	"houses_menu_kick": "Kick all players out",
	"houses_menu_close": "Close",

	"houses_buy_cancel": "Cancel",
	"houses_buy_confirm": "Buy",

	"houses_message_title": "House",
	"houses_message_cant_buy": "You can't buy this house",
	"houses_message_no_money": "You don't have enough money to buy this house",
	"houses_message_already_have_house": "To buy this house you have to sell your old house first",
	"houses_message_buy_success": "You have successfully bought this house!",
	"houses_message_buy_fail": "Failed to buy this house. Please, try later",
	"houses_message_sell_success": "You have successfully sold your house!",
	"houses_message_sell_fail": "Failed to sell your house. Please, try later",
	"houses_message_buy_confirm": "Are you sure you want to buy this house for %s?",
	"houses_message_sell_confirm": "Are you sure you want to sell your house for %s?",

	"chat_tab_global": "Global",
	"chat_tab_local": "Local",
	"chat_input_message": "Message",

	"chat_tab_russian": "Russian",
	"chat_tab_english": "English",

	"chat_pm_started": "Here you can send private messages to %s",
	"chat_close_tab": "To close this tab, click it with right mouse button",

	"race_error_title": "Race",
	"race_error_no_vehicle": "You must be in a car to start race",
	"race_error_not_owner": "You must be in a car owned by you!",
	"race_lobby_close_button": "Close",
	"race_lobby_play_button": "Start race",
	"race_lobby_mode_classic": "Classic",
	"race_lobby_mode_drift": "Drift",
	"race_lobby_mode_drag": "Drag",
	"race_lobby_text": "Race agains random players.\nWin to earn money and expierence.",

	"race_search_accept": "Accept",
	"race_search_race_fount": "Your race is ready!",
	"race_search_press_accept": "Press \"Accept\", to start game",
	"race_search_searching": "Searching:",
	"race_search_searching_label": "Finding a race",
	"race_search_players_in_search": "Players searching:",
	"race_search_cancel": "Cancel",
	"race_search_waiting_button": "Waiting...",
	"race_search_waiting_label": "Waiting for players",
	"race_search_players_ready_count": "Players ready: %s of %s",
	"race_search_reject_error_title": "Race search",
	"race_search_reject_error_body": "Someone didn't accept this race",

	"race_drift_score": "Score",
	"race_waiting_for_players": "Waiting for other players...",
	"race_you_finished": "You finished!",
	"race_waiting_for_finish": "Waiting for other players to finish",

	"race_ui_quit_prompt_text": "Are you sure you want to leave this race?",
	"race_ui_quit_prompt_leave": "Leave",
	"race_ui_quit_prompt_cancel": "Cancel",
	"race_finish_race_button": "Continue",

	"carshop_label_speed": "Speed",
	"carshop_label_acceleration": "Acceleration",
	"carshop_label_control": "Control",

	"carshop_buy_button": "Add to garage",
	"carshop_required_level": "Required level %s",
	"carshop_no_money": "Not enough money",
	"carshop_no_slots": "No slots in garage",
	"carshop_need_premium": "Premium required",
	"carshop_buy_error_title": "Failed to buy car",
	"carshop_buy_error_unknown": "Unknown error",
	"carshop_drift_label": "Drift upgrade available",
	"carshop_drift_label_yes": "Yes",
	"carshop_drift_label_no": "No",

	"context_menu_vehicle_door_lf_open": "Open left front door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_rf_open": "Open right front door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_lb_open": "Open left rear door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_rb_open": "Open right rear door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_lf_close": "Close left front door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_rf_close": "Close right front door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_lb_close": "Close left rear door",
	"context_menu_vehicle_door_rb_close": "Close right rear door",

	"context_menu_vehicle_lock": "Lock doors",
	"context_menu_vehicle_unlock": "Unlock doors",

	"context_menu_vehicle_enable_drift_mode": "Enable Drift Mode",
	"context_menu_vehicle_disable_drift_mode": "Disable Drift Mode",

	"context_menu_vehicle_lights_on": "Turn lights on",
	"context_menu_vehicle_lights_off": "Turn lights off",

	"context_menu_vehicle_handbrake_on": "Enable hand brake",
	"context_menu_vehicle_handbrake_off": "Disable hand brake",

	"context_menu_vehicle_engine_on": "Start engine",
	"context_menu_vehicle_engine_off": "Stop engine",

	"context_menu_player_profile": "Show player profile",
	"context_menu_player_pm": "Send PM",
	"context_menu_player_duel": "Duel...",
	"context_menu_player_report": "Report player",

	"context_menu_title_car": "Car",
	"context_menu_title_player": "Player",

	"context_menu_anim_hello": "Greeting",
	"context_menu_anim_no": "Negative",
	"context_menu_anim_bye": "Goodbye",
	"context_menu_anim_wave": "Wave hand",
	"context_menu_anim_lay": "Lay down",
	"context_menu_anim_sit": "Sit",
	"context_menu_anim_:Ou": "Fck u",
	"context_menu_anim_serious": "Hands crossed over chest",

	"duel_invite_error_title": "Error",
	"duel_invite_duel_title": "Duel",
	"duel_invite_local_nocar": "You must be in a car",
	"duel_invite_local_not_owner": "You must be in your own car",
	"duel_invite_remote_nocar": "Player must be in a car",
	"duel_invite_remote_not_owner": "Player must be in his own car",
	"duel_invite_too_far": "Player is too far from you",

	"duel_invite_duel_with": "Duel with %s",
	"duel_invite_call": "Call",
	"duel_invite_cancel": "Cancel",
	"duel_invite_bet_placeholder": "Bet amount",
	"duel_invite_info_label": "To start duel with this player, enter bet amount and click 'Call'",

	"duel_invite_error_player_left": "Player is not on the server",
	"duel_invite_error_bad_bet_amount": "Invalid bet amount",
	"duel_invite_error_bet_too_small": "You can't bet less than $%s",
	"duel_invite_error_bet_too_big": "You can't bet more than $%s",
	"duel_invite_error_not_enough_money": "Not enough money",
	"duel_invite_error_player_not_enough_money": "Player has not enough money",
	"duel_invite_invite_road_too_far": "You are too far from any road",

	"duel_invite_invite_sent_body": "Duel invintation sent",
	"duel_invite_invite_sent_chatmsg": "Duel invintation sent. Waiting for the response...",
	"duel_invite_invite_player_cancelled": "Player didn't accept the duel",
	"duel_invite_invite_server_cancelled": "Duel error",

	"duel_accept_message": "Player %s wants to duel with you.\nBet: $%s",
	"duel_accept_key_accept": "%s - accept (%s)",
	"duel_accept_key_decline": "%s - decline",

	"duel_winner_screen_you_won": "You won!",
	"duel_winner_screen_you_lost": "You lost",
	"duel_winner_screen_prize": "Prize",
	"duel_winner_screen_time": "Time",
	"duel_winner_screen_timeout": "Time is out!",

	"handling_switching_message_drift": "Switching to Drift mode...",
	"handling_switching_message_street": "Switching to Street mode...",
	"handling_switching_message_no_upgrade": "You don't have drift upgrade installed!",
	"handling_switching_message_moving": "You have to stop your car to change mode!",
	"handling_switching_message_forced": "You are not allowed to change mode here",

	"gift_key_panel_back": "Back",
	"gift_key_panel_activate": "Activate key",
	"gift_key_main_label": "Enter your gift key",
	"gift_key_input_placeholder": "Gift key",
	"gift_key_message_title": "Gift Keys",
	"gift_key_message_fail": "Failed to activate your key",
	"gift_key_message_success": "You have successfully activated your key!",

	"lobby_screen_field_title": "Race",

	"lobby_screen_field_prize": "Win money",
	"lobby_screen_field_xp": "Win xp",
	"lobby_screen_field_players": "Players in lobby",
	"lobby_screen_field_class": "Car class",

	"lobby_screen_enter_button": "Enter",

	"donation_message_title": "Premium activated",
	"donation_message_text": "You have successfully activated your premium account!",

	"tofu_blip_text": "Tofu delivery",
	"tofu_finish_text": "You have delivered tofu!",
	"tofu_prize_text": "Earned money",
	"tofu_time_text": "Time passed",
	"tofu_perfect_text": "for delivery without damage",
	"tofu_fast_delivery_text": "for fast delivery",
	"tofu_message_box_title": "Tofu delivery",
	"tofu_message_box_text": "You have already taken tofu! Now follow the path",

	"radio_off": "Radio Off",
	"radio_user_tracks": "User Tracks",

	"weather_extrasunny_la": "Extra Sunny 1",
	"weather_extrasunny_smog_la": "Extra Sunny 2",
	"weather_extrasunny_sf": "Extra Sunny 3",
	"weather_extrasunny_vegas": "Extra Sunny 4",
	"weather_extrasunny_countryside": "Extra Sunny 5",
	"weather_extrasunny_desert": "Extra Sunny 6",
	"weather_sunny_la": "Sunny 1",
	"weather_sunny_smog_la": "Sunny 2",
	"weather_sunny_sf": "Sunny 3",
	"weather_sunny_vegas": "Sunny 4",
	"weather_sunny_countryside": "Sunny 5",
	"weather_sunny_desert": "Sunny 6",
	"weather_cloudy_la1": "Cloudy 1",
	"weather_cloudy_sf2": "Cloudy 2",
	"weather_cloudy_vegas3": "Cloudy 3",
	"weather_cloudy_countryside4": "Cloudy 4",
	"weather_rainy_sf": "Rainy",
	"weather_foggy_sf": "Foggy",
	"weather_sandstorm_desert": "Sandstorm"



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15 minutes ago, myonlake said:

How do you use Locales.load?

Thanks for replying again!

function Language.set(lang)
	if not lang then
		return false
	if not Locales.isValid(lang) then
		return false
	if currentLanguage then
	currentLanguage = lang
	triggerEvent("dpLang.languageChanged", root, currentLanguage)

	return true

Problem is with me not script because for others it downloads it but for me it just doesnt download .json I really don't know how fix I tried deleting client files but nothing


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Okay. Make sure you have saved the JSON to the right file in the right place, restarted the resource and tried renaming the name temporarily for example.

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3 hours ago, myonlake said:

Okay. Make sure you have saved the JSON to the right file in the right place, restarted the resource and tried renaming the name temporarily for example.

I just reinstalled MTA and fixed I had to delete 30gb of client files maybe it was to much so it couldnt load it :DxD

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