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[PROBLEM] Some players can´t click on GUI Elements

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Hello, I dont know if someone has posted this here before, I searched and wasn´t able to find anyone having this problem, my problem is, I have a DayZ script, which I have been modifying, but since the start some of my players were not able to click on the GUI from the Inventory, nor the gang system, nor the login panel, this just happens with some players, for example, everything works on my computer, but with a virtual machine, I am not able to click on anything, here is a video of what I am talking about, I have no idea why this is caused, there is no related problems in my debugscript, actually, there is only 1 thing that is wrong in my server and been lazy to fix it, just a warning and I am missing an event client side which has nothing to do with this, since it affects various resources, the only way I´ve been able to fix this is by restarting the resource, that seems to fix the issue but I cant restart every time someone logs in:



VIDEO (dont know the tags to embed video here)

Any help is appreciated :)

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18 minutes ago, KINGKHAN said:

Triggerd Client side funcion is not added ,as It shows on debug errors

That is not the problem, its just something that sets some element data, nothing to do with the actual problem shown in the video :) or else it wouldnt work in any computer

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3 hours ago, TheMOG said:

The problem can be the script calling an elementData, can be getElementData(localPlaye, "PlayerLoggedin") , or something else, and u don't set it to a player before calling it.

But can this affect only a couple users and not all of them?

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