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JDev Dodge ball

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JDev Dodge ball tournament

No one asked for this but you damn well wanted it

48 hours of extreme dodgeballiness



- 4 teams (If there are more people then expected then there will be more)

- When you join you'll be automatically assigned a team

- When you are hit you die and you are out

- There will be a lot of rounds

- First rounds will be team based (Teams will be automatically assigned)

- At the beginning and end of both days there will be 2 hours of free for all  (approx 6-8am EST and 9-10 pm EST)

- If you make a hoop (I'm going to add basketball hoops to each side) you can get a team member in.

- Every round you switch to a different location and compete against a different team

- Most outs, hits, avg longest standing and avg shortest standing will be announced at the end of each day.

Winning player (most hits and longest standing) will receive a custom resource of their choice 'Within limits')


Want to participate?

Either join here :https://discord.gg/BDPRUkP

Or post a comment here.


Date(s) - TBA

Stating Time - TBA



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