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[Help] ragrding code


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hello all im trying to make this script work but im getting error

function top(data) 
 for i,theKey in pairs(data) do 
  local row = guiGridListAddRow(top10gridlist) 
   guiGridListSetItemText(top10gridlist, row, top10column1, theKey[i][1], false, false ) 
   guiGridListSetItemText(top10gridlist, row, top10column2, theKey[i][2], false, false ) 
   guiGridListSetItemText(top10gridlist, row, top10column3, theKey[i][3], false, false ) 

errors : attempt to index field'?'[a number  value] at line 5  guigridlistsetitemtext ...

whats the reason?

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theKey == data[i]

theKey[i] == data[i][i]

I believe you wanted to use

theKey[1], theKey[2], theKey[3]

rather than

theKey[i][1], theKey[i][2], theKey[i][3]


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