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Hello, I Have Problem in my server that when players join... etc and start playing .. most of them get low FPS .. From 40 to 30 etc ... 
i noticed that too.. i was think from my computer so i ignore it but all say same things .. what ever.... 
i updated my VPS from 2 GB ram to  4 RAM ... still same problem .. ( at 1st it was use 90% ram that's why i update .. was not from Server at the end . ) 
i Opened 'InGame Performenance Browser' 
and taked those screenshots .. i hope they help me to Fix the Low FPS! 


Server bandwith usage : 

server Lua Memory 


Server Lua Time recording 

Server Lua Timing 
Server Info 
Client Lua Memory 
Client Lua rec 
Client Lua Timing 


I need help ! :( ... 


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Thank god someone replie :,v 

FPS Limite : 60 

6 hours ago, Simple01 said:

What is yours server FPS Limit?


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50 minutes ago, Simple01 said:

Okay let me know your server's IP in order to test some stuff.

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