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Rooftop Problem cure!

Guest Bestrest2

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Those who see peapole on rooftop doing nohting after choosing teams do this:

1. press esc

2. press alt+tab

3. choose the MTA console and press disconnect

4. press connect

5. press send game request

6. return to the game and you will see peapole playing again!


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I'm 90% certain the people on the roof are supposed to be there...

the problem isn't the people on the roof, it's that you can't see any other players...

Even when you can see other players, there are gonna be people on the roof.

Suggestion for 0.4: put a big sign up on the building that says: these people are supposed to be here! :wink:

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Suggestion for 0.4: put a big sign up on the building that says: these people are supposed to be here!

LOL, I guess I should have. Come on People, if there are like 20 People on the roof all standing still in a perfect formation, what does that tell you? That all the players somehow miraculously found a way up there and thought it would be neat to pose in a square formation? Obviously they are the actors you take control of, and when you do, it will spawn you to another rooftop (the police helipad) and you get to select a starting location... All of it is automated, and sure, there are bugs in it, but generally it works just fine. Keep trying. If you do not see anyone moving at all, you are either alone on the server, or you have lost your connection somehow.

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i see it evry time i try's biljon times and stil the same. What is hapening:

i choos a team :diablos then i start over there i see some dots and go to thows dots then i see the players. And i press esc then i press alt+tab and i reconect and send game request then i come back and have sometimes 1 thing and sometimes a other thing the furst thing i can have is that there is an player at all the dots and its walking 1 way and he is alwy's going forword and forword and later he koms aganst a wall. and i have the other thing if i come back then i see a car and in that care there is a player but it whont move.


That are the players(skins)


The Car the downt move

I hope you can help me



The Don

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Cant se players in my Lan game :cry: . Tried evrything.

Conect/reconect, maby iam doing something wrong. Irealy whod like to try this game in LAN.

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ummmm... i remember that walking zombie thingy when i was trying to play delta force 1 on 1 via 56k modems... i would see my friend walking straight until he hits a wall and still keeps walking toward the wall and then he calls me up and tells me we got disconnected...

i get this same problem with MTA 0.3b both on lan and on-line... i was just wondering what OS the MTA crew are using cuz i know Arti and me are using win98se, can it be OS related...

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buntty... after reconnecting, did you press "send game request"?

also, i was testing it today and saw a bunch of the guys on the roof just jump off... then they started running down to that one corner... but the strange part is is that one of the "zombies" was shooting the others... then they all stopped a few moments later... oh well...

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i tried reconnecting but it doesn't wrk and i cant see no one but my connection status is always white box is it suppoise to be like that?

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