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kinda wierd prob

Guest trizon

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well i have check the other posts and i haven't seen anyone with this prob.. when i enter a game it's the same everytime a guy running down the street and another one idling at another of the spawn points and the rest like 20 ppl on a roof.. nothing happens dunno what's the prob.. but sometimes i hear a car crashing a it starts flickering a car beside me and after like 20sec the game hangs.. really fooked shit.. my comp specs are

p4 2.5, 512 ram, gf3 ti500, and win2k maybe someone of ya have had the same prob

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erhm there is? the only threads i find is people talking about those errors runtime or something.. if this thread is somewere else plz send me urk to it..

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No need to be rude... blokker... i know you're having a Bad day

with this release...

Trizon... I think you're just experiencing LAG... And lots of it...

What connection do you have? Cause if you have a Modem

don't even bother... Dis is for DSL/Cable and LANs...


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