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Could you give us a week warning?

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Before you release it?

That way we can all run Disk Defragmenter and stuff so we don't have any lag.

Cause I don't wanna install it, then when I go and play it have it be laggy.


Like saying "sometime this week we will be releasing it. We will be uploading it to different sites now and then when we release we will have all the mirrors up" or something like that.

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I would just clean up my whole computer anyway before i would download the mod, usually i run a sheduled task every day so i can play without lag etc.

*Edit*... :roll:

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Mr. Red does have a point here. I already told my girlfriend to cancel any recent ventures to the coffee shop the week MTASA comes out. It's gonna be Halo 2 release all over again. :D

Ha, nice man :lol:

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