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OK, Thanks alot MTA Team.

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There is not now, never has, and never will be a backdoor in MTA.

Look first to your Admin policy, specifically how many people are provided with the details, rather than throw your rattle at the biggest target you see, MTA itself.

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sorry this has caused u so much upset damo.. you seem to hate me a lot more than i thought u did. Perhaps if you didnt like the way I handle situations like this when im entrusted to be an admin then you shouldnt make me an admin. This could have all been resolved on msn.. hell i even had it all out with skug and came to a nice conclusion with him before you even posted this. (And btw its nice how u only post the parts of the log which make me look bad.. funny stuff).

Tbh think what you will then damo.. i wont come on your precious server again and you can always stop using my scripts system if you dislike me so much.


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What Oli did was sortof wrong, but he admitted it, and apologized for his little prank, so i would let him go (u can still be mad if ya want)

your not the bad guy here Damo, just a little mad, so just say:

"apology accepted Oli, never do it again"

and then change the Admin password :idea:

then moderators do a locky on this topic.

because pretty soon theres gonna be more flaming :argue:

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C'mon Oli spare the bull m8.

Nobody made you admin. One of our members who has the pass gave it to you months ago to help him one time with the script.

You kept the pass, somewhere safe and helped yourself to our server when the time came. You were given that pass because we thought you as the creator of GRS and member of the MTA Team could be trusted.

I posted here thinking that you had done something wrong. C'mon even the MTA team graced us with their crappy narrow minded and totally one sided opinions. But it seems like everybody just cant stop bumming you.

Thats the idea Oli, dont come in our server(s) again please.

End of discussion.

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Sorry but usually when im given admin on a server i tend to think i can use it.. just the way i look at it.. and its not like i banned everyone from it or anything.. i simply defended myself.. but w/e.. i doubt we'll see eye to eye on this.

I wont come on your damn server again then, no probs.


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