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Guest SaintNuclear

Well, I guess we now wait for MTA 0.4....

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:arrow: Can the 0.4 progress counter please get updated more often this time please?

:arrow: Will 0.4 be a patch on 0.3 or will we have to remove 0.3 to install it?

:arrow: What exactly are your goals for 0.4? Game modes \ sync \ bug fixing?

:arrow: Do you have an approximate of when 0.4 is out? Like somewhen in July, or mabe even in June? Or mabe even only in Sept.?

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The counter will be updated when its updated

and 0.4 game release questions are taboo =P

as for the goals? - the goal is to have a succesful bug-free mod (so they are working on all 3 =)

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