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Radio Stations


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To be able to do that you must comply with all Web Broadcasting Standards as your broadcasting your MP3 or CD's or any other type of media for others to hear which in turn is a web radio broadcast within a game.

You may arrange your own MP3 for your own entertainment no problem... The big issue is broadcasting your music, other peoples music or what ever across the internet.

Doing such things without proper licensing is prohibited.

You must purshase a WebBroadcasting License which you pay royalties to be able to broadcast your Music.

If you are interested you must purshase your license at http://www.loudcity.net

Here are some of the guidelines for online webcasts...


-As required by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, your audio links can only be published on LoudCity.Net, no exceptions.

-As required by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, your listeners can only tune in from your designated LoudCity station page, or optional custom launch page.

-Your station can only participate in the following directories: AudioRealm, Shoutcast

-Broadcasters must also comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). FM and AM radio stations follow similar rules. Here are some important highlights:

*Your station must not be part of an "interactive service”. This means no personalized on-demand streaming or downloading of content. Sound recordings can’t be performed within one hour of a request by a listener or at a time designated by the listener.

*In any three-hour period, you should not intentionally program more than three songs (and not more than two songs in a row) from the same recording; you should not intentionally program more than four songs (and not more than three songs in a row) from the same recording artist or anthology/box set.

*Archived programs (those that, when accessed, always start in the same place and play in the same order) should be at least five hours long, and should not be available for more than two weeks at a time.

Continuous "looped" programs (those that always perform in the same order, but are accessed in a continuous play stream) should be at least three hours long.

*Rebroadcasts of programs can be performed at scheduled times three times in a two-week period (for programs of less than one hour) and four times (for programs of an hour or more).

*Do not publish advance program guides or use other means to pre-announce when particular sound recordings will be played. However, a webcaster may name one or two artists to illustrate the type of music on a particular channel; and, DJ "teaser" announcement using artists' names are permitted, but only those that do not specify the time a song will be played.

*Use only sound recordings that are authorized for performance in the United States (e.g.: do not play bootleg recordings).

*Provide some means for the end user to identify the song, artist and album title of the recording as it is being played.

*Lastly, the DMCA also requires that you accommodate technological copyright protection measures or pass through any identification, which may be included in the song recording itself, as long as it does not impose substantial costs or burdens on the webcaster. Also, do not deploy or support technological means to evade these requirements; and, do not explicitly encourage home taping.

Those are some of the highlights.

For more about the rules visit http://www.loudcity.net and read up and

better think that before going with this idea.

Suggestion... Maybe stream an existing licensed radio station? Being able to tune into the radio stations from an in-game shoutcast page listing the stations available to listen to?


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It is true though, because in Battle Feild Vietnam if you were riding any vehicle the person could hear your music.

If you were near the person you could hear them.

But only you would be in charge of changing the channels if you were driver.

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