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A small funny bug overlooked

Guest Sweed

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Anyone tryed hitting the horn and driving up to another player, it causes their horn to go off too. or have i gone crazy....

just a note for consideration if its not just me.

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maybe they were honking their horn as well =)

im sure the absolutely vital issue of horn syncronisation will be fixed in future version =) j/k

Nice find btw :D

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haha :P

unless my friend was a psychic and could predict every time i hit the horn to hit it in perfect harmony , which i doubt he is, i would say its a minor...... verry minor bug :lol:

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I found this too, also sometimes when I did a drive-by shot (And was disconnected but didnt know it), they would whip out their uzi in the same direction (so left & left etc) in sync! :roll:

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