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who actually saw/ reacted with other players in the game?

Guest vicecityrocks

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everytime i connect to a server there is no one but me, but there are already load of players connected. In radar i can see dozens of pal standing right over a roof but they are not the players,

where the heck are the other players and what are those "figures" doing up there?

plus, when i choose the diabolo team, a few sec later it brings me back to the team choosing roof....

well, i wonder who can actually "play" in mta0.3?

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I have created my own server and me and a friend joined and could see, shoot and drive around each other. Once I joined a server with more than two people... all I seemed to do is find one person that is moving around, and the others are on that roof in St. Francis or whatever. I will try it out fully tomorrow at the LAN party, at least 7 are showing up.

Overall, good job on this, it is well made. Only a few things are keeping it from being excellent but then again, it would take a lot of time to fix all of these little problems.

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Finally got internet working really good. Only thing though, a lot of others were obviously not transmitting data well, their position liked to skip back and forth (as if lagging). Other users showed up perfect. Still buggy, but it works, and thats all that matters really.

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Ive had one good game with about 4 people, all driving/walking around. Though one guy was just walking in one direction as i was shooting him, no retaliation.

As for the People on the roof, weve gathered they are unassigned player slots...


Get your trusty rocket launcher, shoot them off the roof and watch them walk in a straight line by themselves????????

Why do they move team???!

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if you haven't, I have made a little walkthrough to get it to work right. Thanks to bestrest for part of it.

Here's how to get it working.

Install the mod. Start GTA3 go to Start Game then Start Multitheft Auto. Let it load. Once you see the credits press ALT+TAB. Start up All-Seeing Eye. Set MTA filter.

(if you don't have the filter: Go File>Setup wizard. Click next about 4 times. under not installed games find MTA3 and then on the right direct to GTA3.exe. Press next)

Find a server>Double click>Type your name in that you want. Bring GTA3 back up.

Credits should end and you should be on top of a roof on a heli pad. Choose a team. Press Escape to main menu> Alt+ Tab> Press Disconnect and then connect on the MTA client> Then press "Request for game" and everything should run smoothly.

It works well.

MTA is the ultimate GTA 3 multiplayer experience 8)

To chat ingame type "/in [message]" in the MTA client

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Sorry but that doesnt work for me, it just updates the positions of players.

I still havnt interacted with anyone, sometimes I thought i did but then realised that it wasnt.

why can some ppl (by some I mean a few) play and others cant?

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i have the same prob. but once when i was screwing around w/ the zombies, sum1 shot me 5 times and i turned around immediatley and then a setnal (or watever there called) appered from nowhere and shamshed into other cars @ super fasts speeds that my vid card couldnt render more than 3 frames of teh car in motion. then silence for ever until i plaed over lan. i think its cuz of lag or sumthing, i got 1024/128

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Yeehhhhaaaaaa !!!!

I actually interacted with someone a few minutes ago, just for a few secs.

He got out of the car walked to me, dissapeared and apppeared in my car

n thats it.

I seem to be havin probs with windows tho, sometimes the screen just switches off by itself, i hav to press space for it to come back but then it usually screws up n wont respond to anything.

Someone know if thats definetley windows (i have ME) or graphics card (GF4 Ti4200 128mb), it happend before MTA but now its got worse.

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I had a couple of races with a few people at a time and i had the privalige of comming on the sceen with some people firing on each other. was sweet. someone tried to run me over one time, so i fled down into the subway and caught a train out. I think that was a mistake cause when i got off i didnt see any players movin anymore.

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