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On click icon

Leo Messi

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local imgTable = {
 {"LV - Hospital", 652, 131, 10, 9},
 {"LV - DM Area", 608, 93, 10, 9},

 for index, imgTable in ipairs(imgTable) do
  blipImg = guiCreateStaticImage(imgTable[2], imgTable[3], imgTable[4], imgTable[5], "images/1.png", false, mapImg)
  addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", blipImg, onClickBlip, false)


function onClickBlip()
 local x,  y = guiGetPosition(blipImg, false)
 for index, blips in ipairs(imgTable) do
  if x == blips[2] and y == blips[3] then
   if (blipImage2) then
   blipImage2 = guiCreateStaticImage(blips[2], blips[3], blips[4], blips[5], "images/2.png", false, mapImg)


So okay, everything is working but I want it, once I click any icon it will be replaced with another icon on its place, look at my code

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I can't help, sorry :D


On a more serious note, just try to wait for someone experienced to see your topic and actually give you a hint or a solution to your problem

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You'll need to first create a function before the GUI is created.  Now use GuiGetPosition to get the position of the image clicked (in your new function the image will be the source that triggered it), after this you just destroy the image (in new function) like this: destroyElement (source)

Why create a function BEFORE the GUI is made I hear you ask?  Well the way a computer reads code is top to bottom, so if you try pass a function, boolean or variable before it knows that it's there, it will get confused and say it's not there.  Simple!

Now that you have got the position of that image when you clicked it (remember you need "x,y = guiGetPosition (source)"), you can create your new image there.

If you need an example I can try (please try yourself first), but I am very lazy today.  Also please use these for code '<>' it helps us see your code more clearly as it is colored, just like in notepad++.  I hope this helps you! :D 

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