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FFS Gaming's Who Finishes First: Old School

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It all started off more than 12 years ago, when the original release of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas kickstarted a completely new era of multiplayer gaming in the GTA series. Back then, the MTA experience was nothing like it is nowadays; very basic vehicle synchronization and a only limited set of gamemodes existed - Race, Freeroam, DeathMatch and Demolition Derby. In fact, one could not even leave his vehicle, meaning all the action had to take place sitting in a car. Sounds quiet boring, doesn't it? Why would anyone play this? Well, the revolutionary Map Editor and a devoted community of enthusiasts managed to create something amazing out of the little they had. To name a few honorable communities that even I myself came across: PhrozenByte, littlewhitey's, SKC and DDC. Take a look at the server browser back in the good ol' days.



Today, FFS Gaming is proudly carrying on the Racing legacy bringing together decade-old traditions and fresh innovations. We improved and re-invented several aspects of the Racing scene over the years with the goal of making it even more enjoyable for the casual player. Especially the transtion from DeathMatch to Who Finishes First was a controversial, yet groundbreaking decision which allowed for tons of new competitive formats to be created. One of them being Who Finishes First: Old School to which we are adding a 100€ Prize Pool!


What's the tournament about?

Who Finishes First: Old School is an open tournament based on passing maps further and faster than your competitors. The core concept is very similar to conventional Race - just without any checkpoints. Top-4 players who passed the longest distance on the map receive 3, 2, 1 and 1 points accordingly. The Map Pool consists of 20 maps that are generally considered "oldschool" - they were mainly created and played back in 2009-2011. So called "speed maps" with a smooth track, lack of slow and BMX parts. Not too hard maps, but definitely challenging enough to make you have a hard time competing. Take a look at one of the tournament's maps yourself:


You can find the full map list right here.


So, how do I play?

Obviously, you should have Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas installed alongside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The next step would be to sign up at our Forum in order to post a registration entry in the corresponding thread. Registration is open till July 17th 2018 and you are obliged to submit your Serial which can be obtained through MTA Console (Press F8 to open & type in "serial" to show your Serial). Apart from that you should simply remain patient and keep checking your Skype or PM inbox for scheduling inquiries.

The Group Stage lasts from August 4th till September 16th with the Grand Final being played on November 18th. Make sure to check out our DeathMatch OldSchool A Arena in order to train for the upcoming matches. Our public server can be found under the following IP: mtasa://ffs-gaming.com:22003


What can I win?

For the first time in the history of Who Finishes First: Old School we are replacing in-game prizes with actual money. It has been about time to spice up the tournaments!


So far, that's about it! We are hoping to see both older & newer folks sign up for our tournament. Afraid of participating, because you are not a professional Who Finishes First player yet? That absolutely does not matter, as this tournament is specifically aimed at those who want to start getting in touch with all the amazing things that have been build around the Racing scene over the years. Do not waste the chance for a whole lot of fun, because that is what this tournament is mainly about - Fun!


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