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Saved weapons don't load correctly from database

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-- This piece of code in located in the 'onPlayerQuit' event handler. It saves the player's weapons and ammo if he has any, this is all working correctly
local weapons = {}
for slot = 1, 12 do
	local weapon = getPedWeapon(source, slot)
	if weapon > 0 then
		local ammo = getPedTotalAmmo(source, slot)
		if ammo > 0 then
			table.insert(weapons, {weapon, ammo})

-- This is what appears under the 'weapons' column in the player's account table entry
[ [ [ 30, 176 ] ] ] -- Which means the player left the server and had an AK-47 with total 176 ammo left

-- And this is the part which loads the SQL weapons data
for weapon, ammo in ipairs(fromJSON(accountData.weapons)) do
	giveWeapon(player, tonumber(weapon), tonumber(ammo))
-- The problem is, the player doesn't get the weapons he has saved, instead, he'll be given a brassknuckle everytime and the SQL entry is reset


Any ideas why it is not working properly? I'm using SQLite not MySQL. The weapons are saved correctly, so it would seem that the problems stems in the loading part.

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This is how i save and load:

function getPlayerWeapons( p )
    local weps={}
    for i=1,12 do
        weps[i]={getPedWeapon( p, i ),getPedTotalAmmo( p, i )}
    return toJSON(weps)

local weaponTable = fromJSON(d.weapons)
for i=1,12 do
    local row = weaponTable[i]
    if tonumber(row[2]) > 0 then
        giveWeapon( plr, row[1], row[2] )


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