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aside from the completely abvious choice (for those of us who have seen it at least :P) mtasa, here are my less well known choices:

gravmod: a trainer that makes you feel like a superhero jumping huge distances around the city, and even launching cop cars in the air, then throwing them to the ground again :twisted:

cortez yacht mod: made the yacht a drivable vehicle, the cols were kinda off, but it was still cool

Duke Nukem model: http://www.theborggaming.planet-multiplayer.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2663 just look at him!

I also thouroughly enjoy gta:LC, but the pathetic dodo is a turnoff, and i prefer the real deal (gta3)

edit: fixing the topic title, such terrible spelling can not continue!

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Another thing, Why do u always take things seriously. I'm just kidding.

I think it's because you're kinda new in here. Try looking around these forums to see what's tolerated and what's not.

I recommend also visiting MTA's IRC, but please, read the rules before you enter ;)

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