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the bandwith usage in MTA:SA will be considerably less

OMG THNKS, KENT!! these are the words i've been waiting since mta 0.4.1 ... to lower bandwith usage... lots of extra cash was needed if i wanted to play mta, cuz bandwith was huge... so i had to stop... i hope SA's bandwith will b smaller :D

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I have 100mbit so i dond worry :D

WTF dude! NOOB!

That means you have a LAN card. Your card can support up to 100mbit. But your connect doesn't go that fast!

Like I have MCHSI with there 3mbit down. So I only get that even though it says i'm connected at 100mbit!

Speakeasy - Speed Test

Here is what I get...

Download Speed: 4515 kbps (564.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 238 kbps (29.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

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