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Cheat Engine Working

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No, we don't. This version is very old and easy to exploit, (which we are working on fixing in later releases). A reward system may be offered in the future if we gain enough support to financially make it possible, but right now it is not planned. Although MTA for GTA III and Vice City is made by MTA themselves, its current development is being led by a sub-team under them called Project Redivivus, which has no financial backing whatsoever, and codes mostly separately from the rest of the MTA team. Because of this, Project Redivivus has absolutely no affiliation with any financial offerings or donations that the MTA team gives or receives. It would also be unwise for us to offer such right now, given the state of the program for these games, as it is highly insecure at the moment.

Now that being said, if you find new exploits later down the road that we had previously fixed or prevented, I don't see why we couldn't at least credit you with finding and reporting it. :)

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