[Poll?]What would you like to see in a new map editor?

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local ox, oy, ex, ey = 0, 0, 0, 0

addEventHandler('onClientClick', root, function(button, state)
	local px, py = getCursorPosition()
	if button == 'left' then
		if state == 'up' then
			ex, ey = px, py
		elseif state == 'down' then
			ox, oy = px, py

function find()
	local r
	for i=ox, ex do
		for e=oy, ey do
			local x, y, z = getWorldFromScreenPosition(i, e)
			r = processLineOfSight(x, y, z, xOffset, yOffset, z) -- use custom offsets
	return r or false


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I hope to have revision two (And Beta) out on the 10th.

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Will go live the 16th, I was busy this week so wasn't able to work on it as much as I would have liked. Instead I'll work throughout this upcoming week (And weekend) then launch it Sunday. There are features which I plan to add to the future builds but are not priority thus some are not added yet.



Current state of things.

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