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Here is what I have got from my own experience apart from the obvious factor of lag : (Note - Version 1.0 incase it would make any real difference)

Important issues -

  • When transitioning to either Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale or any combination of Island changing, other players disappear or are not correctly displayed, (Arrow is all that appears - players invisible and you can pass through :wink: )
  • When you take a car and it is destroyed, the car does not reappear where they spawn by default but either in random places or as new where you died.
  • If you drown while inside a car, when you spawn back on the roof to choose your side you respawn as the car you drowned in.
  • Time and Weather are definitely not sync'd, (forgot if either of these were included in this release).
  • If you are 'wasted' (ie the car explodes while you are inside) you do not spawn with an Uzi, just your fists.
  • If you are run over and subsequently killed, (usually without knowing it for a while) when you respawn and attempt to get in and drive a car, you instantly die and respawn every time you try to drive, (fine walking).
  • When you connect to a server the problem with seeing no-one seems to be as soon as you connect you get a little amount of data from the server as to where a few players are, (who are therefore displayed standing still or a stationary car) then are disconnected, (no flashing light) or if you stay connected - receive no data for about 30s - 1 minute.
  • Any upload bandwith chosen doesn't alter performance at all, and very little download bandwith is ever used no matter how many players are on the server (1.5kb/sec for 6 players is a bit low to suggest the amount of lag there is, I imagine the reason could be down to the code/server not updating other players status in quick enough intervals).

Minor Issues -

  • The barriers are still in place for the Portland <-> Staunton Bridge even though the bridge is fixed.
  • The lifting bridge is fixed raised, thus taking a long time to travel to Shoreside/Escobar but would be possible to default it lowered? (Or is raised like that default in Rockstars code?).
  • Occasionally receive a police wanted star for doing little more than shooting at someone.
  • Possibly it could be enabled to not tire from running - no cars in the vicinity and not being able to run makes for slow progress.

Suggestion -

If damage modelling would be beyond the capabilities of multiplayer GTA 3, would adding simply a line with 'Damage X%' to show how much damage cars have taken be hard on bandwith? (arrows are already there and use little) and I think when things are improved in other aspects, some sort of damage indicator to realise when you should leave your car and also to inform other players will be very important unless you want to die without realising which currently seems to be the case.

This is all I can currently think of, except for if you want someone to write you an in depth manual with basically a simple tutorial on how to set things up smoothly and a look into the various parameters you can set and so on, I would be glad to help improve things for everyone :wink:8)

Finally don't be too hard on the developers because it isnt what you hoped for yet, I think even they know that it isnt what they wanted by now but they never have to release anything if they dont feel like it and now they have the main sections of code to improve on so releases should definitely be a lot more regular, (definitely dont quote me on that though :P )


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yes since its technichly starting a new game u can not run at all and it really gets to piss me off, next time put something so it edits it so u can run forever and lower the health 4 god sakes

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Another suggestion I could add is balancing of teams depending on what people have already chosen to level out team sizes so something like 10 Mafia players against 1 Diablo would be a bit pointless :roll: and would not occur

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Well what needs to happen mainly - PUT ALL THE CARS BACK! All the cars that are usually parked around are not there... putting them back would help increase replayability.

I feel a 0.3 patch coming on. Even though it would be minor - it needs it. It would help to get toward 0.4 although not add anything new.

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Occasionally receive a police wanted star for doing little more than shooting at someone.

hmm - what do you think? :P:P:P

and IMO, the biggest bug in the whole game is that my name is anywhere to be found in the credits =P. jeesh, i mean.... come on guys, thats the first thing id do :P:roll::wink:

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