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What is the counterpart of MTA functions in single player GTA San Andreas?

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Doesn't work that way, functions in single player are different, yes, they have the same result, but they're not written in plain Lua, they're compiled.

What's the point of your question? or is it just knowledge?

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That won't work. You cannot run MTA's Lua scripts in GTA San Andreas. Although, it is possible to use cleo scripting for MTA, but you won't have that much freedom because it has some limitations.

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11 hours ago, barankaplan05 said:

I know I can't. That's why i want to convert.

The process you call converting, requires you to rewrite the entire script, and I doubt if you'll be able to do it fast, although you can if you understand cleo scripting. There's no easy way around this.

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