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Welcome to the topic of West Side:RPG.

West Side:RPG has been created in the early stages of RPG servers in 2012. The server got closed due scripts not made by the current owners and so they got striked. It led to them closing West Side:RPG. Now, almost 6 years later, we decided to revive West Side:RPG again. There are multiple reasons why we revived West Side:RPG, the main reason for bringing it back is because the fun that we used to have back in the days. Nowadays, people are fighting over scripts, over groups and over basically power. Back in the days, everyone was having fun, there were no fights and no one complaining about people creating other servers. Times went by and people were randomly ddosing servers and people because of 'creating other servers with stolen scripts' but they all had one task: Bringing the fun back.

So here it is. I (Mediate) with alot of knowledge about MTA and having experience being an MTA clan member, decided to bring it back with three others.

- Thelaser

- Equis

- McLazy


West Side:RPG creates it's own scripts, thanks to Thelaser and Equis for scripting and putting alot of time into it. This topic will give you an overview about what we've done so far and what we're based on.





Dynasty 8 Housing

This housing system is based on the GTA 5 housing.

It works like a regular housing system in RPG servers. You request an icon on the forum > you wait patiently for an admin to sort it out > buy your house and look what you can do.








This is the house and garage system. You are able to atleast store 2 vehicles in your garage (depends if you have a low-end house, medium-end house or a high-end house). There are also multiple interiors. Dynasty 8 Agents will be choosing the best suitable interior for the house in question. We currently have 15 interiors available for houses and 3 for garages.

When you bought your property, you are able to control it with this panel.



- "Remove from Sale" (If your house is on sale, you can just remove it from being sold.)

- "Lock House" (Locks your house so people cannot enter your house.)

- "Lock Garage" (Locks your garage so people cannot steal your cars or unwillingly enter your garage.)

- "Set House Price" (If you want to sell your house, you can enter a custom amount of money.)

- "Set House Owner" (If you want to give away your house, you can enter the username of another player.)

- "Change House Info" (This can change your house information.)

The housing system is really complicated but you will get used to it once you get some knowledge about it.





Maze Bank Banking System

Just like the housing system, it is based on GTA 5.


We've got two seperated panels for the banking system. One for the ATM and one for the panel inside the bank.


This is the ATM panel:




This is the bank panel (when you enter a bank interior in LV, LS or SF.)






At the ATM panel, you can fill in a custom amount of money that you either want to deposit or withdraw. ATM's can be found all around the map, this makes it easier to get your hands onto your money or to get your hands off your money. The bank panel is alot more complicated. You cannot withdraw money from the bank, only deposit IN your bank account. Choose between custom amounts untill you deposited the amount you wanted to deposit.




Server is still under development!

This is it for now, I'll keep on updating this topic to keep the community updated about the stuff happening right now.

Feel free to join our discord and forum:



Best regards,



West Side:RPG Team

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Join our discord server to stay tuned!




- The new savedisks system -

You can choose between 5 options;

1. Start a new life

2. Spawn a vehicle

3. Hide an already spawned vehicle

4. Store a weapon

5. Pickup a stored weapon

With a design never been done before!




- Los Santos Customs -

Inspired from GTA V, The Los Santos Customs is one of the biggest brands on WestSide, and offers vehicle selling, tunning & modding services!






Also, The Maze Banks, all over San Andreas now have a board on the bank building with its logo on it!




That's all new!

But that's not all, at all!

Join our discord to get updated more often!


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Promising, love it. Keep up great work, can't wait the opening.

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Great work you r going in unique way and Thad really good develop it more and you will get more success 

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Join our discord server to stay tuned!

You can also share your opinions and feedbacks there.

Check our new forums as-well here


Whats new?

The new Pilot job by @thelaser





- The new Moding & Tuning Shop by me;






Thats just few of the recent updates!

Join us at our forums at;


Join our discord to get updated more often!


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1 hour ago, Legend<3 said:

Nice Work keep it on. Good luck .

i have question can you tell me what's car is that ? name ? long time looking for it :(

Hello ol'sport!

Thank you for your feedback & this car is a car model from GTA V.

Join our discord here and the server director will give you the mod files, since he is the one that has them!

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Yes it's time for some updates!

But first don't forget to join our discord at:

Or check our forums here!


As for the updates, here we go:

This is the new Pay 'N' Spray system that allows you to spray, repair or spray & repair your vehicle at the same time. You can also just replace the damaged parts for some bucks so your vehicle would look cool from the outside!

(Headlights color can be changed too)





Also, this is the new login system that is going to be used at WestSide:RPG!







Stay tuned for more updates!

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Updates, updates & more updates.

And of-course don't forget to join our discord at:

Or check our forums here!


Anyway what's new? Check the spoiler below!

The new spawn system;

Totally new concept to RPG servers of a spawn system. First of all one death you get the Wasted message and you can choose whether to spawn at hospital, own property or just go to spawn screen.

Once you select the spawn screen you eill be teleported into a room and a ped will show up, upon changing teams and classes this ped will be getting into the changing room in the old outfit and out with a new outfit that fits the selected class for you to preview! Once everything is selected just press the spawn button and you are good to go!






Other than the spawn system; here is the new trucker job!

Using this trucker job you will be able to deliver cargo from one destination to another and get paid for it. Damaged cargo pays less. Cargo is divided into 3 types; normal, Iron, illegal. Normal cargo will pay average incomes and will not result in any wanted level charges upon delivering. Iron deliveries will give more income than the normal ones while that is true, your truck will go slower than usual due to the iron being heavy. Last but not least, illegal deliveries will pay the best incomes but yet at the end of every delivery you will be charged with wanted levels.

At each station you will be asked to choose one of 3 different deliveries and at each station you will get totally 3 new & different deliveries.

Animated design is included.







Stay tuned for more updates!

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