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Ever wanted to put an SA map into MTA but had issues with Scene2Res and found it impossible to do manually?; well here I present Convertor (For use with J Streamer)



What does this do?

- Converts the map (IPL and IDE files)

- Only copies needed files (If it's part of the standard SA it'll only print the position and name into the JS Placement file

- Converts water (If there are too many planes then you need to manually make the water

- Converts train track placement //WIP will come soon

- Can seamlessly load a map MTA so long as it's converted and made correctly

- Manages vegetation swaying

- Automatically fades objects that shouldn't be visible during night or day

- Properly assigns LODs

- Gives objects proper tags such as ALPHA, CULLING, etc



  • Drag the maps Data folder into the root of the convertor resource(This handles IPLs, IDEs, Water, Etc)
  • Drag all DFF and TXD files into the resources folder
  • Place Collisions into their own folder
  • Open Colleditor2
  • Drag and drop all of the collisions into COL editor
  • Select all of the collisions (In COL editor)
  • Right click - > Export - > Single Col files -> then export into the resources folder
  • Change name or position in config file
  • Run the Convertor as a resource and watch the magic happen
  • Fix any errors in Debug.txt (If any)
  • Run again (If needed)
  • Run the map with OBJs running


J 3Ds Max Tool Kit

What does this do?

- Export JSP strings

- Export JSD strings

- Export Meta strings

- Export COLs

- Export DFFs

(If you wanna use it figure it out yourself)


JStreamer (OBJs)

What does this do?

- Load maps

- Automatically assigns IDs to objects

- Tries to allow you a full range of possibilities (Using SA content along side custom content seamlessly)

- Allows you to create maps in a very tidy way.


JResources Discord



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Edited some things.
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I'll be making a tutorial later on how to make a full map and port it into MTA.

Sorry if you had already downloaded please redownload. I made a mistake in the config file ordering.

If you get any other errors rename Data to data, some operating systems are case sensitive.

Edited by CodyJ(L)

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Lighting is a bit fobarbed so I may redo it later using actual light maps but,

made this while testing the tools, though turns out a made a typo in one of the max lines so fixed ones are here

Edited by CodyJ(L)

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JStreamer added to tools list; and max tools linked to JStreamer github. (JStreamer is now open source)

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Renamed (I'll be releasing much more then just mapping tools) and discord link added.

New major project in the works.

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Is it possible to update the link to jconverter?

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