[LF] Different type of staff/scripters and partners for "GGC" [Non-Paid]

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We are looking for developers for the official servers of Global Gaming Community, we are currently incorporating STAFF and Scripter to our projects, in order to launch our servers to the Global community, both servers will have a multilanguage system to expand the rate of frequent users in the community, thus allowing us to obtain a staff divided by language, that is, we are also looking for Translators, people who speak two languages, in this case it can be English, Italian, Spanish or another language, in order to offer each player a different staff and a diverse administration on the server (both in TS, and InGame).

We are currently counting on several game zones, which are: Minecraft and ARK Survival, servers which already have their user base and corresponding equipment.

In summary, within Multi Theft Auto we look for:

  • Programmer (Project: Zombie or Project: Roleplay, you can choose the area according to your taste and comfort)
  • Modeller 3d (3d model designer)
  • Translator (People who speak other languages very well and in turn, can translate a conversation in Spanish / and another language)

The people that are looking for here are interested, in looking for a stable community and with projects pointing upwards, a couple of years ago the scripters @Krujitoz and @RottenFlesh were there who helped to develop the GM of the zombie project, in its time, which a few weeks ago I made the decision to reactivate it and take it out of the cloud in which it was collecting dust ... surely many will remember the project of the year 2015 that was called Call Of The Dead, and there was a lot of controversy when a small "Youtuber" entered the server by accident to forget to put password to the server and he began to record and report what he was doing, until I found him and told him not to publish anything because it was not yet finished and did not want to reveal anything, until it is finished. 


They can translate the post with the google translator, since there has never been a global disclosure, and in fact a global revelation in its ALPHA RELEASE versions will be made in the coming days after several years ago it was canceled, the project with my old community, finally we will launch an official trailer, placing the credits of the old developers of this project that gave so much controversy and that could never be finished, today we returned to fulfill our promise

With this we give the opportunity to integrate people who want to start a project, or who still do not know what to do, we have faith that we can attract the attention of several users, with propaganda and union, Global Gaming Community, is formed by the union of 3 different communities, my community BiXsquen Studios (Zone Gaming), a community of Minecraft and the one of CiBeR (GGC), working together to offer a greater entertainment to users, not only offer a variety of game areas, but also guarantee and maintain the stability of users in a community and think about it user and their comfort and not abuse their trust. (Closing or canceling initiatives)


We also inform you that we are giving you the opportunity to create your own original projects and with your Registered Trademark, within the Global Gaming community, thus allowing to offer lodging of all kinds, for your community and server, and thus integrate it in our grid of zones of game (As long as they are not the types of game that we are developing.) and also those people who have a project and are interested in this initiative, and want to merge the projects (the scripts and the community in general to form something much more solid.) is always welcome. (These people will go through an interview, to know what class we are dealing with and you know what kind of people they are dealing with.)

Basically, summarizing in a few words, we are giving the opportunity to few people who are interested in incorporating their project into a community, which will provide them with the necessary resources for their growth and stability. (Only people with a solid initiative and who are willing to contribute in the future & integrate with other projects in our community.)

I hope to have the support of all the people in the community and those scripters who have their doubts, can do them without any kind of problem, it was not enough to make an individual trailer of each project, showing its functions and the updates that it has currently , in:



Greetings to all, thanks for taking the time to read, sorry for my bad english and hopefully someone interested in entering into these projects, which point to something more in the future.

Contact me

Discord: No!z3#2448

TS3 IP: globalgaming

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