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Who are we?

Our team consists of determined members with a lot of perseverance. As a team, we wish to accomplish the same goal - deliver a fun, varied and stable server to you - and doing our best efforts to achieve this goal is what makes this team strong and enduring. Every member has been chosen according to their personalities as well as their skills. We are glad to have the members we currently have, their persistence is incredible.


Our Objective

We are striving to make a great community for everyone, meaning that everyone should feel safe here. But as stated above we also want to create a stable and user-friendly server for all of you to enjoy. Read down to find more info related to the server.





  • Division - Manager, Founder and Web Developer
  • DizzasTeR - Manager and Developer
  • Mirage - Manager and Developer
  • Acerus - Financer
  • Ramsy - Social Media Manager
  • ToadFlox - Social Media Manager, Web Developer
  • Djdidier - Web Developer
  • T3xt - Map Manager
  • Lacia - Map Tester & Stickers Manager
  • Mazda - Map Tester
  • Eleven - Map Tester
  • KenZo - Map Tester
  • Corex - Head of Streamers
  • NoHear - Modeller
  • Kalkbrenner - Modeller
  • MarveL - Designer
  • Selvis - Clan Member
  • AnTi-Z - Clan Member
  • Simas - Clan Member
  • JmicK - Clan Member
  • CresPro - Clan Member
  • raceR - Clan Member
  • Rhae - Clan Member
  • Cheetah - Clan Trial



Our server contains 7 gamemodes and 13 arenas in total. These gamemodes are:

  • Deathmatch
    A classic MTA game-mode. You drive on a track with various player-designed obstacles with the goal of finishing the track in as least time as possible. At the end is a Hunter pick-up (attack helicopter) that you then use to kill the remaining players. Included are classic DM maps, hard DM maps (HDM) oldschool DM maps (OS) and essenially everything else that includes a lot of driving and a Hunter waiting for you at the end.

  • Destruction Derby
    King of the hill in it's purest form. Push the other players off the map and into the water. There can only be one winner, whoever is the last person left on the map.

  • Race
    The MTA defining game-mode. Finish a set of checkpoints and reach the final one before anyone else. Features ghost-mode so you don't have to worry about losing to griefers and generally salty players.

  • Shooter
    Think of it like this - you're playing Call of Duty, except you're a vehicle instead of a human (or robot) and your goal is to destroy all the other vehicles. Base mode is free-for-all, so kill everyone.

  • Hunter
    One of many MTA players' favourites. Same as Shooter, except you're flying instead of driving. The room gets its name from the one vehicle you get to use, which is the Hunter.

  • Training
    In case you want to play any DM map you wish, whether to train it and get better at it or to just play it for yourself, this is the place. You can save a warp so you have a checkpoint to fall back to in case you fail, you can load that warp (and you're not limited to one, you can do this as many times) and you can also delete your last saved warp in case you mess up while saving it. Included here is every DM and race map we have.

  • Garage
    Tune your vehicles (primarily your Infernus) here. What you create will be visible by both you and all other players that are playing alongside you. Below you'll see a teaser of how the garage ingame looks like.


Server Changelog

You can follow our updates here.


Events & Tournaments

(We gave a break on weekly events for a while)


Videos from the Server













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I must say, considering what type of multigamemode servers usually come up on this forum (ones with stolen and edited mgm scripts) I've expected that this one would be the same, but I've been so wrong.

The server looks amazing, that's some great work, customization kinda reminds me of ER, but overall the design is pretty dope :D
Only thing what I'd change a bit are the nametags, they look somewhat to FFS' one.

Good luck with server!

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Looks great! Can't wait for the opening. I played on the BETA Tester, all I can say is that I am really shocked and surprised at what you guys have come up with. I'd definitely check it out if I was you. A lot of new features are available as well and the interface system is also really nice and smooth. 

Some positive factors from my side,

  • Amazing Community, caring and humorous.
  • Members are really experienced.
  • Server is just amazing, a lot of features and gameplay feels flawless.
  • Dedicated Members, and they know what they are doing.

Can't wait for this Saturday! Good luck! 

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Mirage is no longer associated with Vultaic. Please contact him directly. I do however advise against buying the scripts as they will not help you whatsoever on getting players (due to the association with Vultaic) and are rather expensive.

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Scripts are sold to me for 800 US Dollars

I request this topic to be locked.


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