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Txdp section fix?

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I noticed that the "txdp" section from data/maps x.ide files, doesn't work properly in MTA. Actually it doesn't work at all, MTA ignores list of textures extension, so many of my new objects have missing textures, because MTA load textures for this model, only from txd archive which are type after dff name in "inst" section in .ide file.

If MTA run clear gtasa.exe, and txdp feature work on this clear gtasa.exe(without any asis, etc.) so why it's don't work on MTA?

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Just combine the TXDs. Due to MTAs TXD loading system it'll work just fine.

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After I create second txd file for "ground" textures, I thought textures limit for one txd file is ~64 images, but now I see it's work with more textures.

I still have to copy some textures for few objects, but it's still better than to copy most of them.

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