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[Multi-Mode/TDM/War] Battle Zone Network - Inspired from COD & BF [English]

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Hello everyone, we are a new community which was under development since March 2017. We are called “Battle Zone Network”. The development of this server is done by @IIYAMA @Rudransh @Ayush Rathore and some fellow contributors. We’ve been working very hard through all these months and want to grow big on MTA: SA. We’ve been developing a TDM/War Multi-Mode server whose idea comes from Call of Duty and Battlefield. We've been working on this with full dedication to provide MTA: SA and its players a better environment and the best gaming experience that we can give.

We have been developing the server since 7 March 2017. We started developing normal designs and unique scripts/features. We completed the alpha phase of our server during the month of May 2017. During May we had an open alpha test in which we got a great response. We opened the server for 2-3 days during that time and reached a peak of 21 players. Though we got many feedbacks, some were good and many of them helped us in knowing where we lack. After taking all the feedbacks we resumed the server’s development.

Development & Information
After we resumed our development we continued it until March 2018. We updated all our designs, brought up new concepts, re-created everything in the server, detailed it very well, updated the game modes. We got a v2.0 of our server totally different from the old one. We created everything from scratch. After a year of hard work, we tested the server again. We had a good crowd on our discord channel who helped us in testing the server. This time, the response was x3 times better than the alpha test. We got many feedbacks and opinions about what’s good and what’s not and what should be changed or re-created. We resumed the development again, thought about every feedback we got, worked on it and now we have completed the server’s development.

About the Server
Our server consists of 3 teams & three game modes for now. Each team has 4 classes, Assault, Support, Sniper & Medic. Each class has two different gadgets which they can use while playing. There are some class bonuses too. There are 20+ maps in the server currently. There is a list of maps according to which the maps change. There is a timer for every map after which the map ends a new map starts. I would like to explain the game modes one by one.

This would be a mode which will consist of 1 base for 3 teams each. Mostly, we use custom maps for this type of game mode. Depending on the map's size there will be checkpoints on the map. Team's objective is to capture the checkpoints and increase the score of their team while defending the captured checkpoints from other teams. It takes 8 seconds to capture a checkpoint, one checkpoint gives 1 score per 3 seconds to the respective team which has it. If two or more than two players of different teams are on the same checkpoint than the capturing process does not take place. Players must fight, kill other one & take over the checkpoint. Teams can win the game by having the most score, which is earned by captured checkpoints. Winning team gets extra in-game cash & XP at the end of the map.

This would be a map which will consist of 3 team spawns. Custom maps are usually used for this type of game mode. Players of different teams have to find each other & kill before the map gets over. Team with the most number of kills at the end of the map will win. Winning team gets some extra cash & XP at the end of the map. This can be also called Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM).

Base Destruction
This mode needs teamwork and strategy. It is hard to win without team's coordination. Each team will have a base on the map. Teams have to protect their own base and at the same time they have to plant bombs in other team's base and destroy it. The team left at the end of the round will win. If two teams are left at the end then the team having more checkpoints left will win.

Listed below are some details which will help you in understanding some features & binds.

- F5 Panel:- Includes Stats, Downloads, Shop, Maps, Staff & Steam ID.

  • Stats:- Helps you in getting the details of your overall stats & also the overall stats of other players.
  • Downloads:- Contains skin and weapon mods which you can download & get a better gameplay experience.
  • Shop:- Contains weapons available for you (according to your class).
  • Staff:- Contains a list of Staff Members.
  • Steam ID:- You can connect to your steam account and your profile (Stats) will show the avatar you have on your Steam account.
  • Maps:- Contains a list of maps present in the server & helps you to know that which map are coming up.

- Stats:

- Downloads:

- Shop:

- Maps:

- Steam ID:


- F4 (Mode Information):- It is a panel which opens up when you spawn in a map for the first time. It gives you the information about what you have to do in the current mode/map.



- F2 (Team Selection):- Using F2 you can change your Team/class/gadgets in-between the map.


- Team:

- Class:

- Gadget:

- Spawn:


- Resupply Crate:- A crate in each teams base which re-fills the ammo of weapons & the gadget.



- Lobby:-  When a map ends, all the players are spawned in lobby for some seconds before a new map starts.





Here is the trailer of our server. Also,there are some screenshots/videos explaining the working of the server.


- Trailer:

- Login Panel:

-  Capping/Capturing CP's in Conquest:

- Capping/Capturing CP's in Base Destruction:

- Map End Stats:


And of course, there is much more to come in the coming days. We will be updating more things soon. Just stay tuned!

Current Status & Links
We have finished our development and are looking forward to see you on the launch that is on 26th May 2018.
Here is the timing according to your time zone:- https://doodle.com/poll/ha26qzuamv72cpfk

And guess what? The server's download size is under 11 MB. Mods can be downloaded (if you want to) using the F5 panel. So, no need to worry about FPS dropdowns/laggs caused by any kind of mod. Also, our mod's size is not more than some kb's.

Server’s IP:- mtasa:// (currently passworded, will be opened on Launch day).
Forums:- https://forum.mta-bzn.com
discord:- https://discord.gg/sP56m5k

We appreciate the feedback. Also, if you have any suggestion which can help us to improve, don't hesitate to tell them. We will always be glad to see & read it.

Best Regards
- Battle Zone Network Team (BZN Team)


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13 hours ago, Khadeer143 said:

Great video will look forward to play on your server 

Thank you Khadeer! We'll be waiting for your presence.

- Updated the main post with a new topic:- Features.
- Also updated the topic with screenshots/Media.

- Server's IP has been updated.

#Changelog - Updates that have been done in recent days are listed below.

- Added a BZN system bot (in-game) which provides some information to the players in every 1:30 mins.
- Mode Information Panel:- When a player spawns in a map for the first time, he gets a panel which gives the information about what has to be done in that map/mode.
- Removed default crosshairs and added custom ones.
- Changed name of some gadgets.
- Completed checking of all the old maps & fixed bugs.
- Added new lobby.
- Fixed camera path on player join.
- Added new icons for "Spawn" in team selection panel.
- added Machine Gun mod for AK47.
- Changed resupply crates Blip colour, it is orangish now (our theme colour).
- Added new shader/textures.
- Increased lobby time by 10 seconds.

We hope you to see you all on 26th! Stay tuned for more such updates & join us on our discord channel & forums.
Server's IP:- mtasa://
Discord: https://discord.gg/sP56m5k
Forums: https://forum.mta-bzn.com

Best Regards
- Battle Zone Network Team

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Yesterday we had the Final Testing for our server. It was quite good, no bugs were found. We got some feedbacks to change few stuffs as well as add/remove some of the things which we are working on. We will finish everything before the launch, that is today. We have worked hard and so it is paying off as we've been getting very good feedback after the launch of our trailer. We're expecting a good amount of players today during launch. I hope to see you all from MTA: SA community to be a part of our server's launch. I ensure you that it will be Fun. I've added the IP of the server, you can check the timings on the doodle. The server will open according to the time given there or check this below.


Doodle:-  https://doodle.com/poll/ha26qzuamv72cpfk
IP:- mtasa://mta-cob.tk:22003
Discord:- https://discord.gg/sP56m5k
See you on the server!

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