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Option to enable blocked things in mta

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i'm writing becose i was developer of over a dozen servers and now i still develop yet another server.

I know lua very well and i sometimes see walls which was placed by mta team, mostly for scripting:

  1. Enable disabled functions ( mainly: `require` )
  2. Files and dirs, listing them, read/write binary, edit files from directories above resources
  3. Importing script from other resource ( something like c++ `include` )
  4. Exporting classes, I can create server with 1 big resource but this make no sens
  5. Sandboxes like sub-resource, few functions which allow to make your own resource system.
  6. Extended modules api ( more events, example for editing resource while loading ( possible macros ) ), allow to load clientside modules ( example module with custom animations @saml1er ) if user agree. ( yes, user can be stupid and agree to install ransomware  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

This options could be enabled by secret setting in mtaserver.conf. Hosting providers can easly disable this like `maxslots` now.

If someone install resources  from others people ( or don't checking them ) them he has problem. This isn't argument to not doing this.

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