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Help function give weapons panel moderator

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Good day guys, I was creating a panel of moderator, but... i need help with my function of giving weapons, what I want to do is block so that you can not give Minigun or Sniper to a player can only give the moderator itself.



function DarArmaF(client, getText)
  player = getPlayerFromName(client)
  if not isElement(player) then return end 
                        local wepID,wepName = getWeaponIDFromName(getText),getWeaponNameFromID(getText) 
                if wepID then 
                id = wepID 
                id = wepName 
                if player == source then 
                    amount = 9999 
					outputChatBox("#FF0000Moderador: #55FF00te has dado "..amount.." balas del arma "".", source, 255, 255, 255, true)				
                    amount = 90
outputChatBox("#FFFF00Alerta: #55FF00El Moderador #FF0000"..getPlayerName(source).." #55FF00Le ha dado "..amount.." balas del arma "" al jugador #FF0000"..getPlayerName(player)..".", root, 255, 225, 255, true)	
outputChatBox("#FF0000Moderador: #55FF00Le has dado a "..getPlayerName(player).." "..amount.." balas del arma "".", source, 255, 255, 255, true)				
                        giveWeapon(player, id,amount, true) 
addEvent("DarArma", true) 
addEventHandler("DarArma", getRootElement(), DarArmaF) 


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