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Hi everyone. I want to share some of my resources. For almost 8 years I have been working on various projects in the MTA and over the years there has been an archive of resources and scripts. Maybe for someone it will be useful and interesting.

•Terrain editor(in two editions). In-game terrain editing system. Video

•Dynamic grass. Video

•Light baking and rendering system(with DFF or distributed) Video

•Models loader(DFF/TXD/COL) that can download and stream-in only those that are within a certain radius from the player

•Two version of the TEDERIs Construction Tools(with FlowGraph or Wire) Video

•Particle system(natively DFF or through dxDraw* fns) Video

•Blank for RP gamemode and more

•And more

All this can be found on GitHub

Notice! Many resources have been created for a long time and likely they require some adaptation for the new version of the MTA.

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