Maps load twice when i start a new resource

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Hi... i'm making my own rpg / rp server with my friend and i have a little issue

As you can see in the title; when i start a new resource when my "rpg" gamemode is enabled the maps are loaded multiple times, so i have to restart my "rpg" gamemode to have just a single map loaded
It means that, for example, i hit a marker and the GUI is displayed 2 times (Because there are 2 markers in the same place)

The way to load maps i do is in 'meta'  like this:

     <!--       MAPPING        -->
    <script src="mapping/mapEditorScriptingExtension_s.lua" type="server"></script>
    <script src="mapping/mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.lua" type="client" validate="false"></script>
    <map src="mapping/" dimension="0"></map>

    <!--       MARKERS        -->
    <map src="markers/" dimension="0" />
    <script src="markers/freecars_s.lua" type="server" />    
    <script src="markers/freecars_c.lua" type="client" />


I saw another post that probably talks about the same problem, but, at least i noticed is map loading's fault:

If you know how to solve this kind of "over load" it's perfect for me
But if you don't really know i would like to know a different ways (As much ways as you know) to load those maps when i start my rpg mode

Thanks <3:D

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Added anoter post with the same problem

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11 hours ago, CodyJ(L) said:

Add a check to see if it's already loaded



I actually did a kind of check by counting the markers after they are loaded "onResourceStart"
But the fact of making myself to see the event "onResourceStart" made me notice i didnt specify what resource makes the markers load again xD
So in some way... thank you some much i actually solved it

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