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How to make advertiments system


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Hello everyone

Please give me a system of advertising
This system is such that the player displays a player with a command to advertise a car or a house for sale to other players
for example :
ad from MrThinker (123-2212): My Infernus For Sell
The MrThinker phone number is 123-2212!
Please help me on this script
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no one is going to just "give" you a system, unless it was already released on community, in which you could just search there instead of making a forum topic... your description sounds similar to the roleplay script version. maybe you could make one using ideas from RP.

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adprice = 5

function Advertise(player,cmd,...)
	local parametersTable = {...}
	local stringWithAllParameters = table.concat( parametersTable, " " )
	local money = getPlayerMoney(player)
	local pname = getPlayerName(player)
	if money >= adprice then
		outputChatBox("Ad from "..pname..": "..stringWithAllParameters,root,0,255,0)
		outputChatBox("Phone number: 123-2212",root,0,255,0)
		outputChatBox("A advertise costs "..adprice.."$ !",player,255,0,0)

I didn't test it, but i think its working.

"/ad [text]"

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