Bug in my hud

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Hello everyone, I have a server which has a bug and nobody knows how to solve it, its hud is disabled every time I put a new one on it, thus removing the original, however, if I add a script as the screen joke blue, or a cinema like cinema experience ... things that cover the screen, or something like that, the normal hud comes back, and if I give / showhud anyway it comes back if I open the F11 map or do some other actions then does not advance that script to remove it in the login ... Players already reported this occur with the chat, it disappeared, does anyone have any solution? There are scripts that do not show anything for this bug! Any other script that uses the screen do not know how to explain, but with some scripts this occurs.
Sorry if I put this topic in the wrong session!

Thanks to anyone who can help me or try :D

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local components = { "radar","weapon", "ammo", "health", "clock", "money", "breath", "armour", "wanted" } --add your components

function showHud()
	for _, component in ipairs( components ) do
		setPlayerHudComponentVisible( component, true ) -- select whatever you want ( show or hide )
addCommandHandler( "show", showHud) --command for execute


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