Speed hack bug {just proof video}

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hello all i don't know weather its legal or illegal to post this thread if its illegal i am sorry admins  you can delete this thread !

but  i want to show a proof that hacks possible in mta i  recently recorded a  video last month but i uploaded it yesterday due to slow net in this video

there is guy name cyborg he usually knifing in warehouse with speed bug its like he is playing mta in 0 ping but his ping was 120 ping he was so fast that we didn't encounter on him he was not able to die due to is speed ability !


so watch this video which shows a completely speed bug its just a proof video its not for any type of knowledge base 


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i don't think its a lag that guy having a ping of 70-90 only yea everything is hack able i agree with you

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maybe the player is using methamphetamines, because there are drug scripts

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