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Roleplay and MTA


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MTA and Roleplay


     I have been wondering about the current Roleplay mode for a while. I have just saw text based ones, i don't know if it's because the scripting quality or the idea that RP == Text based game. I played a lot of RP, it doesn't need essentially the chat.

Mode versus Game's System 

            The Mode it's the door and the system is the hall, where you welcome your client/player to stay and build their experience. A good system is hard, scripts with 10k lines could take the first place, but the miscellaneous in each step is the key.


        Player based Economy, is it tangible ?

        Work with animation to represent car crashes/damage taken?

        Is inventory system worth it on a RP environment ?

        Would you script at least 10 workable objects that could be interacted with ?



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