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[Roleplay/DEV] Radical Gaming [ENGLISH] 06/10/2018

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Let me gather your attention before you look away, so let's get started! Radical Gaming Roleplay was a project that was not taken lightly, in our time of development, we have made tough choices trying to pick and choose the right scripts, the right admins and Game Supporters during this time so we can have a well-developed and managed team. Our mission however, is very different than the rest. The time, money, and dedication that has been put into this server is more than we'd imagined. In the end, it was worth it. The result of what we have created was impressive. We started this with a mission that we're going to create a dynamic and fun place to roleplay. We wanted to create a place that you can come into and not have to worry about being treated wrong, nor disrespected. Here we value our players just as much as everyone else, as players do come first. In result to all of this we have created what we have been imagining for a very, very long time and when it is released it costed more than 6 months to get this far this wouldnt be another owl copy.

No mans land

Here at Radical Gaming Roleplay, we feel that getting along with other servers is a priority. With this, we  to the Community we do not encourage nor endorse DDosing, hacking, trolling, or advertising on any other server. They have built 


We have taken very precise measurements to build what we have. We have refurbished and created something that will bring an entire new name and experience to the roleplay community. From our Game Server to our Forums, we have been trying to make a more welcoming and immersive place for you to enjoy.

Our mission began in early 2008 with the ambition to give everyone the best roleplay experience possible. We had strived to reach that point, but once we did.. it was worth it. We feel that when you join, you will immediately feel a connection between you and the rest of the community. After all, we're a family in it to do one thing and one thing only; to have fun. We gathered a well-developed and experienced team that we are proud to present. We continue to this day to push ourselves to satisfy you, the community, to make it a friendly and welcoming environment.
Welcome Back to Radical Gaming


Staff Procedores:

When a Admin comes into the team he will be trained everyday by the owner so that every staff handles like they all do and that they are friendly its great to the people because the staff will be fast and friendly and knows about the problem without asking others from trail to normal admin he will do about 3 weeks to pass the trail 



Trailer :


Server Information

(Release to public on: 10th of june 2018 12:00 C.E.T +1)


Radical Gaming Development Team

Please read the rules on our forums they will come back when you will progress the registration agreements and tour.

they will be holded strictly!



Brian - Founder Radical Gaming

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Stop randomly bumping your post if it's not getting any interaction, one bump is more than enough.

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On 12-5-2018 at 15:31, ℓιgнт said:

Stop randomly bumping your post if it's not getting any interaction, one bump is more than enough.

Maybe mind ur own :~ light u do it allways 💁‍♀️

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After 6 months of developping i can now proudly announce that we’re finnish and are in the test and debugbing phase

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Why is your trailer the same as Indoliferoleplay's? It even says "Our website:" in the bottom right corner.

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We are on the count down mode over 4 days its so far we all where waiting for, on the moment we occure some errors on the database but this wouldnt get us down do we see you on 10th of juli?

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We are ready to launch the staff is finnishing the  last small bugs and we’re good to go.

see you tomorrow

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Wtf is wrong with ur "trailer"



it's time to stop with the stolen scripts, website and everything

it's ridiculous ahah

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