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VCK | Vice City Killaz

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Vice City Killaz

Irc: irc://

Leaders: Slothman & Black Dragon

As the oldest existing MTA gang, It is likely that you have heard of us or met us at some point. You will find all the important VCK information, news, rules, and memberlist at our website. As well as tips on how to play MTA including the Dodo guide and gta3 rock climbing.

Copied from the VCK History page:

VCK was Founded When a forward thinking Mikiro recruited several members of the Original MTA community into a group. MTA was still in development at that time, and true teamplay was not yet possible. Hell, even true gameplay wasn't possible yet. Calling themselves Vice City Killaz, even before Vice city was released for PC (long before vice city was even talked about for MTA)

Back then, few gangs had existed, they were VCK, OMG, RMO, and B.L.A.S.T.A. OMG was made up of the MTA developers, and has since faded into the background. RMO had not been heard from for a long long time. B.L.A.S.T.A. and VCK are the 2 surviving original gangs, BLASTA is actually a forum gang, made up of many community leaders and members. While not technically a gang that actually plays, still a force to be reckoned with. That leaves VCK as the oldest True MTA Clan

The founder Mikiro had left the MTA community for a large period of time, leaving the senior members in charge (he had never lost contact, and later rejoined the community).

VCK chooses to limit it's membership numbers for the specific reason of not letting non-dedicated people into the group. We maintain respect to other gangs, as well as to everyone else deserving of it.

Through the years Many members have come and gone. Many have taken up strong leadership roles in the MTA community as forum Moderators, Game server administrators, IRC Operators, Beta testers, etc.

As The MTA community Grows, new Gangs have come into existence with VCK among those most respected due to their reputation as Skilled, Respectful, Honest, Dedicated Players.

If you think that you are mature and dedicated enough to be considered for VCK membership then we welcome you to contact us through any means. But be aware that we do not accept or keep members who are not serious about participating in the community. We are willing to train members, and have been extremely successful at helping people new to the Multiplayer GTA community develop a high level of skill.

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